Hudl – Helping Teams & Athletes Win

Hudl is a leading software company revolutionising the way coaches and athletes prepare for and stay ahead of the competition and has been utilised by the Tasmanian State League and its clubs since 2018. 

Founded by David Graff, Brian Kaiser and John Wirtz in 2006, Hudl now offers the tools to edit and share video, interact with stats, and create quality highlight reels for entertainment and recruiting purposes. The whole experience is available online, giving coaches and athletes secure access at home and on the go.

With more than 160,000 active teams and 4.3 million unique users, Hudl has become the preferred game film solution for all teams, from the smallest youth organizations to professional franchises in North America, South America, Europe, Asia, Africa and Australia.

The Tasmanian State League began using Hudl as a league-wide game film solution for analysis this season, with the league using Hudl to supply game vision for all TSL clubs as well as TSL Operations and Umpires.

With the season approaching an exciting crescendo, we caught up with TSL Football Operations Coordinator Ben Ling and Tigers FC head coach Trent Baumeler to see how Hudl is being used at both a league and club level.

IC: Solstice Digital

Tasmanian State League Football Operations Coordinator, Ben Ling: 

What led you to using HUDL as a league-wide solution for analysis?

“We were approached by HUDL after they presented to the level 3 Coaching Course which included 2 TSL Senior Coaches. We had two video meetings where we were given a tour of the website and how it all worked and from there we signed up.

How easy has it been implementing and using HUDL?

“It has been a very straight forward transition to implement Hudl to all TSL Clubs, as well as TSL Operations and TSL Umpires. Hudl Support were fantastic and held webinars as well as having people visit clubs face to face.”

Do you think HUDL can elevate the level of play within the league?

“Definitely. With HUDL all clubs get access to every TSL game from the season, so they can study their own games as well as studying the tape of opposition.”

How does the TSL use HUDL to assist with the Match Review Panel and Tribunal?

“TSL Operations use HUDL to cut clips directly out of the game footage that is on the shared server, and show the clips to MRP and Tribunal. We keep a round by round record of all incidents that are reviewed and can use these as examples.”

What stands out to you the most about HUDL?

“It is extremely user friendly and provides all players, coaches and umpires access to view games and specific edits. There is an app that can be downloaded so players, coaches and umpires can watch clips on their smartphones, as well as use messaging to have conversations. It is basically football’s equivalent of Facebook.”


Trent Baumeler, head coach of the Kingborough Tigers, has also found Hudl to be an immensely useful tool since taking the senior coaching position ahead of the 2018 Tasmanian State League season. 

How does the club use Hudl?

“Our club uses Hudl for our game reviews, sharing of vision with players (edits and games) and we make use of the messaging tool to keep players and groups of players updated on what is going on around the club from a playing group perspective.”

IC: Solstice Digital

How easy has it been implementing and using Hudl at the club?

“Hudl has been extremely easy to use and implementation and the assistance available from Shaun and Simon at Hudl has been outstanding.”

“Uploading and sharing vision is extremely easy and is another lift in professionalism and assistance in the teaching side of the game for the TSL and it’s clubs.”

Do you think a service like Hudl can play a role in improving performance at the Tigers and throughout the competition?

“Hudl helps to improve performance by being able to share vision and edits of the Tigers but also of upcoming opposition, which in turn allows for more time on the track working and less time having to conduct meetings as the content is able to be pushed out to players at any time and they have ease of access to vision via their phones.”

“This allows for the players to undertake more self-paced learning and be able to come to training engaged with questions about what they have been able to view during the day.”


Find out more about Hudl here.