TSL to continue in 2019

Following on from a comprehensive period of negotiation and discussion, it has been confirmed that the Bupa Tasmanian State League (TSL) will continue in 2019 and beyond.

Agreements have been reached in principle with the majority of TSL clubs with some detail remaining to be finalised. However, the TSL clubs and AFL Tasmania are confident that the detail can be worked through and agreed in the coming weeks.

The key areas agreed are the linking of funding to community engagement and participation, the retention of the league name as the Bupa Tasmanian State League and maintaining the Premier competition status, with promotion, the filming of games and the removal of the Mercury Cup age restrictions.

What is most pleasing is the consistent reinforcement from all seven clubs that they are committed to providing quality premier football programs and environments for young footballers, aspiring to play football at the top level in Tasmania.

This announcement now paves the way for more initiatives and developments to be announced from the Tasmanian Football Steering Committee, as the clarity and certainty surrounding the TSL was critical to that process.

AFL Tasmania CEO Trisha Squires is very pleased to confirm the continuation of the TSL into 2019.

“It has been a thorough process for all involved and I’m really optimistic on the path forward for the TSL.

“The TSL Presidents are passionate, hard working people and I really admire their commitment to their clubs and the game. I couldn’t be happier we have arrived at an outcome that will see the TSL continue.

“While we have had a lot of robust discussions, I feel my relationships with the Presidents will ultimately be stronger as a result and I’m really looking forward to working together in 2019 and beyond.

“The TSL competition and it’s clubs are an important part of the Tasmanian football community.”

Kingborough Tigers President Paul Gadomski is happy TSL clubs were able to meet an in-principle agreement with the AFL and AFL Tasmania on the path forward for the TSL.

“It has obviously been a rigorous process and I am incredibly pleased we can now focus on the second half of the footy season with the knowledge the TSL is here to stay.

“I am really glad we have reached an in-principle agreement for the direction of the TSL and that all TSL players and supporters can now be confident in the future of their competition.”

Lauderdale President Julie Kay said it was great to have alignment with AFL Tasmania on the TSL.

“Our competition and our clubs are important to the community and it is great we will continue to play a key role in Tasmania, as the premier football competition.

“It has been a rigorous process but one silver lining is that through it all we have become a truly unified competition. I think the unity between the clubs holds the competition in good stead and I’m very optimistic with what lies ahead.”