TSL MRP Round 12

An in-form star is set for a week on the sidelines after an incident over the weekend. 


 1.      Cooper Leek (North Hobart) & Joel Millhouse (Glenorchy) were reported for striking each other

The Match Review Panel determined that there was no evidence of a strike from either player. The Panel amended the charge to wrestling, where both players have been offered a low-level reprimand.

Player Leek & Player Millhouse have both accepted low-level reprimands

2.      Phillip Bellchambers (Lauderdale) was reported for striking Matt Coad (Tigers)

The Match Review Panel determined the strike to be intentional, with low impact to the body. Player Bellchambers has received a reprimand in the past 12 months, increasing his base sanction by one match.

Player Bellchambers has been offered a base sanction of two matches, reduced to one match with an early guilty plea.
Player Bellchambers has accepted a one match suspension

3.      Tigers & Lauderdale players were referred for engaging in a melee

No further action is required.

4.      Dakota Bannister (North Launceston) & James Holmes (Clarence) were referred for making high contact with each other

The Match Review Panel were unable to determine a sanction due to insufficient evidence. Both Clarence & North Launceston do not wish to pursue this matter at tribunal, therefore no further action is required.