1.      Jordan Cousens (North Launceston) was reported for head-butting Michael Woods (North Hobart)

This matter was referred directly to the Independent Tribunal due to insufficient evidence.

At this evening’s TSL Tribunal Hearing (Wednesday 13th June at 6:00pm), Player Cousens entered a not guilty plea.  

The tribunal did however rate the incident as careless high contact, but with medium impact, given that Player Woods played out the game and did not spend any time off the ground.

The Tribunal was swayed by the weight of clear and definite evidence given by the umpire and Player Woods and found Player Cousens guilty and applied the base sanction of two weeks.


2.      Tyler Carter (Tigers) was reported for making insulting comments towards an umpire

The Match Review Panel offered Player Carter a low-level reprimand. Player Carter had received a low-level reprimand in the past 12 months, increasing his base sanction. Player Carter had been offered a base sanction of two matches, reduced to one match with an early guilty plea.

Player Carter rejected the offer and the matter was heard by the Independent Tribunal on Wednesday 13th April 2018 at 6:30pm.

Player Carter entered a not guilty plea. By entering a not guilty plea, Player Carter was not eligible to any discount on penalty.

After a 90-minute hearing, the tribunal accepted the version of events as presented by the umpire.

The Tribunal decided that the comments which were directed at the umpire cannot be condoned and in upholding AFL Tasmania’s zero tolerance stance against umpire abuse, handed down a two-match penalty, which includes a one-week loading for his poor previous record. 

In handing down the sanction, the tribunal reaffirmed the sport’s strong stance towards umpire abuse.