Tribunal Result – 29 May 2018

 Bupa Tasmanian State League | Round 9

Josh Grant (Glenorchy) was reported for behaving in an abusive, insulting, threatening or obscene manner towards or in relation to an umpire.

The matter was referred directly to the Independent TSL Tribunal for hearing on Tuesday (29th May 2018) night at 6:00 pm.

Josh Grant pleaded not guilty to the charge.

It was alleged Grant turned to the umpire during the second quarter and said “I’ll meet you out the back at quarter to five.”

The reporting umpire said the exchange began when he paid a 50 metre penalty against Grant. The umpire said the player said something in his direction and he could only make out the words “in charge for two hours.”

The reporting umpire said those remarks were then followed up with the player turning to him on the goal line to say: “I’ll meet you out the back at quarter to five.” The umpire then asked Grant if he was threatening him to which he received no audible reply from the player. The umpire then displayed a yellow card and reported Grant.

The umpire said he did not consider Grant’s behaviour demonstrative or aggressive but said he felt threatened by what was said and was “thrown off guard.” He remarked that it was only at half time he considered that he should have sent the player off for what was said in the exchange.

Glenorchy Football Club’s defence acknowledged that it was “not a smart thing to say” but while there was agreement from both parties on some of the words said, that the umpire did not hear all of what was said to him. The defence argued that as the umpire did not hear all that Grant said to him he was unable to have the appropriate context on his words. Glenorchy argued that the umpire felt threatened because he did not have context on what was said.

Glenorchy’s defence argued that Grant was attempting to ask for clarification on an earlier umpiring decision and said words to the effect of: “I want clarification on what happened, I need a better understanding I’ll meet you at quarter to five.”

The club also shared that Grant’s version of events were supported by nearby players who heard what was said. The club did not provide those witnesses at the hearing.

The Independent Tribunal found Grant GUILTY and handed down a sanction of ONE MATCH.

In handing down a verdict the Tribunal said they had no doubt that what the umpire stated to be said was said by Grant.

In arriving at a verdict the Tribunal took into account the umpire’s reaction to the words.

The Tribunal did not accept Grant’s version of events on what was said to the umpire.