Bupa TSL Teams – Round 8

Round eight teams have been named and some big decisions seem to have been made at the selection table, with a host of Mariners returning as well as some established stars. 

The Launceston derby has seen the Blues make seven changes with talented Mariners Thomas Mundy, Jared Dakin, Miller Hodge and Jamieson House all slotting immediately back into the starting 22.

Star ruckman Hamish Leedham returns from suspension while South Launceston and Western Storm star Jobi Harper will line up for his first senior game of the year, with Sam Rundle also making his way back into the side.

With so many key ins, some big names have made way with exciting forwards Sonny Whiting and Giacomo Millucci the headliners. Key defender Simon Vandervelde and skipper Chris Savage are also out, as are Tyson Miller, Sam Brunewoud and Matthew Spohn.

North Launceston in contrast, have only made the one change with star forward Bart McCulloch missing through injury, replaced by Callum Harrison.

North Hobart are the other big player on the selection front, naming former Melbourne Demon Colin Garland and skipper Hugh Williams.

Garland will provide plenty of leadership and experience, while Williams’ return from a nasty injury will be a fantastic boost for the young side. Exciting tall Jake Steele has also been named and is set to make his senior TSL debut against the Tigers.

The Tigers have made three big inclusions, naming Mariner Ben Donnelly and exciting forward prospect Cooper Sawdy alongside former Carlton player and leader Marcus Davies.

Lauderdale has received a big boost heading into the Eastern Shore derby with star ruckman Haydn Smith returning from injury. Mariner Leo Harrison also slots back into the side alongside Oscar Shaw and Ben Keiselis as Josh Williams, Cooper Best, Symon Kennedy and Nicholas Raglione make way.




Round 8 – 19/05/2018

2:00PM – Windsor Park



B: T. Mundy, J. Aganas, R. Tyrrell

HB: J. Hinds, J. Smith, D. Riley

C: J.  Blackberry, J.  Donnellan, T.  Sheppard

HF: C. Brown, J. House, M. Hodge

F: R. Kelly-Mansell, M. Thorp, J. Rushton

R: H. Leedham, B. Palfreyman, J. Harper

Int: J. Boyce, J. Dakin, J. Gillow, S. Rundle

Emg: G. Millucci, S. Vandervelde, S. Whiting, A. Wright

In: T. Mundy, J. Harper, J. Dakin, S. Rundle, H. Leedham, M. Hodge, J. House

Out: C. Savage,  T. Miller,  M. Spohn,  S. Bruinewoud, G. Millucci, S. Whiting, S. Vandervelde



North Launceston

B: S. Egger, C. Young, M. Tang

HB: J. Avent, J. Foon, A. Richter-Salter

C: D.  Bannister, J.  Ponting, J.  Cousens

HF: T. Couch, T. Bennett, J. Pearce

F: B. Cox-Goodyer, Z. Burt, J. Harris

R: A. Lee, M. Walsh, T. Whitford

Int: T. Donnelly, C. Harrison, J. Mazengarb, L. Young

Emg: M. Cossins, T. Foon, N. Jackson, C. Lowe

In: C. Harrison

Out: B. McCulloch


Round 8 – 20/05/2018

2:00PM – Lauderdale Oval



B: B. Keiselis, A. Hill, E. Stanley

HB: J. McGuinness, B. McGuinness, J. Perkins

C: R.  McManus, A.  Hevey, R.  Sutton

HF: H. Kerinaiua, T. Martin, T. Mosquito

F: J. Gillbee, R. Wiggins, R. Hill

R: H. Smith, N. Franklin, P. Bellchambers

Int: L. Harrison, C. Laoumtzis, L. Meagher, O. Shaw

Emg: C. Best, J. Cooper, K. Kantilla, T. Westbury

In: O. Shaw, H. Smith, L. Harrison, B. Keiselis

Out: N. Raglione,  J. Williams,  S. Kennedy, C. Best




B: J. Bealey, J. Bailey, J. Holmes

HB: A. Gaul, T. Williamson, M. Ling

C: G.  Chambers, J.  Webberley, T.  Cunliffe

HF: T. Castle, H. Richmond, C. Nield

F: A. Dickenson, J. Cox, A. Silver

R: R. Bailey, J. Harper, J. O’Brien

Int: R. Cowie, T. Hanslow, K. Howlett, F. Seymour

Emg: T. Birchall, J. Brenner, B. Sharman, J. Young


Round 8 – 20/05/2018

2:00PM – Twin Ovals



Tigers FC

B: N. Hutchinson, B. Donnelly, B. Rees

HB: M. Carter, J. Doran, B. McCulloch

C: L.  Clifford, L.  Watt, S.  Rice

HF: S. Duigan, C. Sawdy, B. Grant

F: E. Burrows-Cheng, M. Davies, L. Graham

R: H. Johnston, R. Matthews, W. Campbell

Int: T. Carter, B. Graham, J. Manix, W. Poland

Emg: O. Burrows-Cheng, W. Dean, B. Gordon, C. Woolley

In: B. Donnelly, C. Sawdy, M. Davies

Out: P. Reihana,  J. Lister, C. Woolley

North Hobart

B: S. Collins, B. Walker, H. Williams

HB: W. Peppin, H. Williams, C. Garland

C: C.  Leek, N.  McCulloch, P.  Walker

HF: T. Millhouse, C. Kilpatrick, S. Willis

F: J. Barwick, J. Steele, C. Murfet

R: M. Woods, S. Caswell, B. Tilbury

Int: W. Burgess, J. Clifford, N. Lee, T. McGinniss

Emg: P. Fisher, M. Grace, C. Ransom, K. Williams

In: J. Steele, H. Williams, C. Garland

Out: M. Grace, A. Moore, K. Williams




Round 8 – 19/05/2018

11:30AM – Windsor Park


To be selected from:

M. Blazely, J. Boyd, S. Bruinewoud, J. Chaplin, A. Dickenson, G. Holt,

A. Liberatore, T. Lucas, J. Marsden, G. Millucci, B. Neil, J. Nunn,

J. O’Donnell, Z. Oldenhof, B. Taylor, J. Tuthill, S. Vandervelde, A. Wright

J. Bott, C. Curtis, J. Edmunds, H. Griffiths, M. Hodgetts, T. Upson

D. Boyd, M. Dikkenberg, J. Talbot


North Launceston

To be selected from:

D. Baker, T. Claxton, M. Cossins, K. Curtis, M. Donnelly, T. Eiszele,

T. Foon, C. Haines, N. Jackson, A. Jefferies, L. Jones, S. Krushka,

K. Lanham, C. Lowe, A. Potter, B. Ronken, J. Russell, J. Smith,

X. Todman, S. Tyson, K. Wadley, T. Webb, R. Whitney


Round 8 – 20/05/2018

11:30AM – Lauderdale Oval


To be selected from:

C. Best, N. Burk, S. Clayton , J. Cooper, T. Daff, J. DiIenno,

J. Fisher, N. Grubb, R. Hooker, C. Hooker, P. Hudson, D. Johns,

S. Kennedy, R. Kerslake, J. Klok, J. Lewis, T. McKnight, T. Mison,

B. Newell, S. Perkins, R. Prouse, J. Revell, D. Stewart, Z. Waller,

T. Westbury, J. White, J. Williams



To be selected from:

K. Bailey, T. Birchall, J. Brenner, B. Clark, T. Cooney, S. Green,

B. Hayden, M. Haydon, T. Hope, A. Jackman, B. Latham, B. Lewis,

T. Marshall, A. Morton, O. Paprotny, J. Preshaw, D. Reimers, B. Sharman,

J. Silver, S. Storic, M. Swan, J. Tilley, B. Young, J. Young


Round 8 – 20/05/2018

11:30AM – Twin Ovals


Tigers FC

To be selected from:

R. Bezzant, J. Phillips

L. Ayliffe, J. Banks – Balding, H. Burrows, M. Coad, M. Cooke, J. Cummins,

W. Dean, L. Edwards, B. Garth-Smith, A. Huizing, P. Kelly, J. Keogh,

L. Knowles, J. Lister, J. Pride, P. Reihana, M. Rickards, K. Riley,

J. Wells

North Hobart

To be selected from:

H. Barron, J. Barwick, S. Becker, M. Bowerman, J. Cleaver, W. Cole,

W. Collins, P. Fisher, J. Gourlay, M. Grace, P. Kearney, F. Lapham,

R. Morgan, A. Norton, A. O’Meara, C. Ransom, J. Richardson, H. Thomas,

O. Walker, B. Walters, K. Williams, T. Willmott, O. Divenuto, G. Marshall

J. Veitch