Bupa TSL Teams – Round 7

Teams have been named for what promises to be a bumper round seven of the Bupa Tasmanian State League season, with a host of stars set to return. 

Launceston has recalled mercurial small forward Sonny Whiting, who after being injured earlier in the season, bagged a stunning haul of 10 goals in the Mercury Cup last weekend to find himself back in the senior side to face Glenorchy, adding further depth to an already potent forward line.

The Blues have also named versatile forward Matthew Spohn and ruckman Sam Bruinewoud to help cover the big losses of Hamish Leedham (suspension), Sam Lonergan (injury) and Jamieson House (Mariners).

Glenorchy also welcome back a star in Rhys Mott, who served a two-match suspension following the side’s win over North Hobart in round four. The star onballer is joined in the side by Jack Stevenson, who returns from Mariners duties and 17-year-old Sam Berry.

The grand final rematch between North Launceston and Lauderdale sees two very different looking sides line up to last year’s decider, and to their last matches this season.

North Launceston welcome back skipper Brad Cox-Goodyer from injury, while former coach Tom Couch has remained in the team, despite some uncertainty as to his availability. Thomas Donnelly also joins the side after a stint with Mariners, with Jaidyn Harris and Jack Mazengarb also being recalled.

Lauderdale have been dealt an injury blow with stars Haydn Smith and Justin Cooper ruled out with injury, while Leo Harrison has been named for the Tassie Mariners. Teege Westbury will also miss the clash with Corey Laoumtzis, Symon Kennedy, Cooper Best and ruckman Liam Meagher all joining the side.

The Tigers have received a boost ahead of taking on the Roos at the Twin Ovals on Saturday, with Marcus Davies returning from injury and Lachy Watt from suspension. Cameron Woolley has also been named in the side, with Jordan Lane, Ash Humphrey (injury) and Heath Thompson (suspension) making way.

Clarence has made just the one change, with Wade Wall going out of the team due to the rolled ankle sustained in last weekend’s win over Glenorchy and being replaced by young gun Harry Richmond, who didn’t play against the Magpies due to illness.






Round 7 – 12/05/2018

1:00PM – Twin Ovals

Tigers FC

B: B. Graham, T. Carter, B. McCulloch

HB: M. Carter, J. Doran, N. Hutchinson

C: B.  Rees, W.  Campbell, S.  Rice

HF: E. Burrows-Cheng, R. Matthews, L. Clifford

F: L. Graham, M. Davies, B. Grant

R: H. Johnston, S. Duigan, L. Watt

Int: J. Lister, J. Manix, P. Reihana, C. Woolley

Emg: M. Cooke, W. Poland, J. Pride, C. Sawdy

In: C. Woolley,  L. Watt,  M. Davies
Out: H. Thompson,  J. Lane,  A. Humphrey


B: J. Bealey, J. Bailey, J. Holmes

HB: A. Gaul, T. Williamson, M. Ling

C: G.  Chambers, J.  Webberley, J.  Cox

HF: R. Cowie, H. Richmond, T. Cunliffe

F: A. Dickenson, C. Nield, A. Silver

R: R. Bailey, J. Harper, J. O’Brien

Int: T. Castle, T. Hanslow, K. Howlett, F. Seymour

Emg: J. Brenner, O. Paprotny, J. Preshaw, D. Reimers

In: H. Richmond
Out: W. Wall



Round 7 – 12/05/2018

2:00PM – Windsor Park


B: J. Boyce, J. Aganas, C. Brown

HB: J. Hinds, S. Vandervelde, D. Riley

C: J.  Blackberry, J.  Donnellan, T.  Sheppard

HF: J. Gillow, M. Spohn, J. Smith

F: J. Rushton, M. Thorp, S. Whiting

R: S. Bruinewoud, B. Palfreyman, S. Rundle

Int: R. Kelly-Mansell, G. Millucci, C. Savage, R. Tyrrell

Emg: J. Boyd, G. Holt, A. Liberatore, T. Miller

In: S. Whiting, M. Spohn, S. Bruinewoud
Out: H. Leedham,  S. Lonergan,  J. House


B: J. Arnold, J. Grant, B. Quinn

HB: D. Joseph, H. Gunther, J. Stevenson

C: J.  Bearman, B.  Webb, R.  Mott

HF: B. Kamaric, M. Walker, J. Webb

F: C. Daly, J. Bowden, Z. Webster

R: C. Duffy, M. Rainbird, J. Millhouse

Int: S. Berry, M. Joseph, H. Parker, C. Salter

Emg: B. Bester, D. Coppleman, R. Oakley, B. Rowbottom

In: R. Mott, J. Stevenson, S. Berry
Out: J. Bearman, A. Brennan, A. Roberts



Round 7 – 12/05/2018

2:00PM – UTAS Stadium









North Launceston

B: S. Egger, C. Young, M. Tang

HB: J. Avent, J. Foon, A. Richter-Salter

C: D.  Bannister, J.  Ponting, J.  Cousens

HF: T. Couch, T. Bennett, J. Pearce

F: Z. Burt, B. McCulloch, B. Cox-Goodyer

R: A. Lee, M. Walsh, T. Whitford

Int: T. Donnelly, J. Harris, J. Mazengarb, L. Young

Emg: M. Cossins, M. Donnelly, N. Jackson, C. Lowe

In: T. Donnelly, B. Cox-Goodyer, J. Harris, J. Mazengarb
Out: B. Simpson, F. Bennett, C. Pearton, C. Lowe


B: R. Hill, A. Hill, N. Raglione

HB: B. McGuinness, J. McGuinness, J. Perkins

C: A.  Hevey, N.  Franklin, S.  Kennedy

HF: H. Kerinaiua, J. Gillbee, T. Mosquito

F: R. Sutton, R. Wiggins, J. Williams

R: L. Meagher, P. Bellchambers, R. McManus

Int: C. Best, C. Laoumtzis, T. Martin, E. Stanley

Emg: J. Fisher, K. Kantilla, B. Newell, O. Shaw

In: C. Laoumtzis, C. Best, L. Meagher, S. Kennedy
Out: T. Westbury, H. Smith, L. Harrison, J. Cooper




Round 7 – 12/05/2018

11:30AM – Windsor Park


To be selected from:

M. Blazely, C. Curtis, H. Griffiths, J. Marsden, J. O’Donnell, T. Upson

Z. Camplin, J. Talbot, J. Bott, J. Boyd, J. Chaplin, A. Dickenson, M. Dikkenberg,

J. Edmunds, J. Harper, M. Hodgetts, G. Holt, A. Liberatore, T. Lucas, P. Mackrell,

T. Miller, B. Neil, J. Nunn, Z. Oldenhof, B. Taylor, J. Tuthill


To be selected from:

W. Atkin, J. Bearman, J. Best, B. Bester, A. Brennan, D. Brown,

T. Butterworth, D. Coppleman, J. Davie, J. Deegan, S. Deverell, Z. Dodge,

J. Douglas, N. Eyles, J. Geard, R. Gunther, C. Mcknight, T. Morgan,

N. Newman, B. Patterson, A. Peach , B. Rowbottom, L. Welsh, D. West


Round 7 – 12/05/2018

11:30AM – UTAS Stadium


North Launceston

To be selected from:

D. Baker, T. Claxton, M. Cossins, M. Donnelly, T. Eiszele, T. Foon,

C. Haines, C. Harrison, N. Jackson, A. Jefferies, L. Jones, K. Lanham,

C. Lowe, A. Potter, B. Ronken, J. Russell, C. Stuart, X. Todman,

S. Tyson, K. Wadley, T. Webb, R. Whitney


To be selected from:

C. Best, N. Burk, S. Clayton , J. DiIenno, J. Fisher, N. Grubb,

T. Havea, R. Hooker, C. Hooker, D. Johns, K. Kantilla, B. Keiselis,

S. Kennedy, R. Kerslake, J. Klok, C. Laoumtzis, J. Lewis, T. McKnight,

B. Newell, S. Perkins, R. Prouse, J. Revell, O. Shaw, D. Stewart,

T. Westbury, J. White


Round 7 – 12/05/2018

3:45PM – Twin Ovals


Tigers FC

To be selected from:

R. Bezzant, C. Doyle, J. Phillips, M. Rickards

L. Ayliffe, J. Banks – Balding, H. Burrows, M. Coad, M. Cooke, J. Cummins,

W. Dean, L. Edwards, B. Gordon, A. Huizing, P. Kelly, J. Keogh,

L. Knowles, W. Poland, J. Pride, K. Riley, C. Sawdy, J. Wells,

C. Woolley



To be selected from:

K. Bailey, C. Berry, T. Birchall, J. Brenner, H. Burgess, S. Green,

B. Hayden, M. Haydon, T. Hope, A. Jackman, B. Latham, T. Marshall,

A. Morton, O. Paprotny, J. Preshaw, D. Reimers, B. Sharman, M. Stevenson,

S. Storic, M. Swan, J. Tilley, J. Young