TSL MRP Round 6

The Tasmanian State League Match Review Panel (MRP) sat today to review three incidents from round six of the TSL and Mercury Cup seasons. 


1. Hamish Leedham and Heath Thompson had an incident referred for each making contact with the head.

The Match Review Panel determined that the actions of both players were intentional with high contact and low impact.

The base sanction for this offence is 2 matches which can be reduced to 1 with an early guilty plea. In the case of Thompson 1 match is added due to poor record.

Player Leedham has accepted the 1 match early plea penalty offer.

PLEASE NOTE:  After electing to challenge Tigers FC sought clarification of the charge and due to a misinterpretation, Player Thompson has now opted to accept the early guilty plea penalty offer of 2 matches.

The tribunal chair has used his discretion to allow Player Thompson to wave the challenge and accept the penalty.

The TSL tribunal will not sit tonight.

VIEW the incident here. 


2. A melee incident was referred to the MRP from the Glenorchy vs Clarence match

After reviewing the incident the Match Review Panel determined that Tim Castle (Clarence) and Joshua Grant (Glenorchy) be sanctioned for instigating the melee.

Both players were offered a low level offence reprimand.

No other action required from the melee.

Player Grant has accepted the reprimand.

Player Castle has accepted the reprimand.


3. Matteo Paolini (North Hobart – Mercury Cup) was referred for using abusive language.

The Match Review Panel determined that this was a low level offence.

Player Paolini can accept a low level offence reprimand with an early guilty plea.

Player Paolini has accepted the reprimand.