Bupa TSL Teams – ANZAC DAY

Teams have been announced for a blockbuster ANZAC Day clash between Tigers and Glenorchy at Kingston’s Twin Ovals, with both sides making several changes, including replacements for star players. 

Glenorchy go into the clash without star midfielder Rhys Mott, who has been rubbed out for two weeks, while Daniel Coppleman and Harry Parker also make way for Bayley Bester, Josh Grant and exciting youngster Jye Bearman, who kicked three goals on debut earlier in the season.

Tigers have made three changes, bringing in Hugh Johnson and Tyler Carter, as well as first-gamer Josef Manix for Oliver Burrows-Cheng, Cameron Woolley and injured star Marcus Davies.

The match kicks off round five Bupa TSL action, with Glenorchy entering the clash unbeaten on top of the ladder and the Tigers coming off a loss to Lauderdale and in fifth place.



Tigers v. Glenorchy

Round 5 – ANZAC DAY 25/04/2017

3:00PM – Twin Ovals


B: N. Hutchinson, J. Doran, B. Rees

HB: B. Donnelly, H. Johnston, S. Rice

C: E.  Burrows-Cheng, L.  Watt, W.  Campbell

HF: C. Bryant, M. Carter, B. Grant

F: S. Duigan, T. Carter, L. Graham

R: H. Thompson, R. Matthews, L. Clifford

Int: B. Graham, A. Humphrey, J. Manix, B. McCulloch

Emg: M. Cooke, J. Lister, P. Reihana, C. Woolley

In: H. Johnston, T. Carter, J. Manix

Out: O. Burrows-Cheng,  M. Davies, C. Woolley


B: J. Arnold, J. Grant, M. Joseph

HB: J. Millhouse, H. Gunther, B. Quinn

C: D.  Joseph, C. Daly, J.  Webb

HF: B. Kamaric, J. Bowden, Z. Webster

F: J. Bearman, M. Walker, M. Rainbird

R: C. Duffy, J. Geard, B. Webb

Int: B. Bester, A. Roberts, C. Salter, J. Stevenson

Emg: A. Brennan, D. Coppleman, R. Oakley, H. Parker

In: J. Bearman, J. Grant, B. Bester

Out: R. Mott, D. Coppleman, H. Parker


Tigers v. Glenorchy

Round 5 – ANZAC DAY 25/04/2017

12:20PM – Kingston Twin Ovals


To be selected from:

J. Banks – Balding, R. Bezzant, H. Burrows, M. Cooke, W. Dean, J. Dharmawardena,

C. Doyle, B. Gordon, A. Huizing, P. Kelly, J. Keogh, L. Knowles,

J. Lister, J. Pride, P. Reihana, M. Reynolds, M. Rickards, K. Riley,

J. Wells, C. Woolley

In: A. Huizing, J. Keogh, R. Bezzant, C. Woolley, K. Riley

Out: M. Lister,  T. Carter,  J. Fyfe,  A. Graham,  J. Manix,  R. Newell,

M. Coad,  J. Downie


To be selected from:

W. Atkin, J. Bearman, S. Berry, A. Brennan, D. Brown, D. Coppleman,

J. Deegan, S. Deverell, Z. Dodge, J. Douglas, N. Eyles, R. Gunther,

T. Morgan, N. Newman, R. Oakley, H. Parker, B. Patterson, A. Peach ,

B. Rowbottom, D. West

In: H. Parker, D. Coppleman, R. Oakley, Z. Dodge

Out: T. Butterworth, J. Bearman, T. Allen, C. Mcknight, B. Bester, L. Welsh,

L. Rowbottom, I. Manson