BUPA TSL Teams – Round 4

Teams have been announced for round four of the Bupa Tasmanian State League season, with North Launceston’s raft of returning stars headlining the list of changes. 

North Launceston has named guns Mark Walsh, Connor Young, Arion Richter-Salter, Jay Foon, Michael Tang, Zach Burt and Beau Sharman for Saturday’s blockbuster with Clarence, after all were withdrawn late from round two due to food poisoning.

Clarence have been dealt a blow for the highly anticipated encounter at Blundstone Arena, with Ryan and Jason Bailey unavailable and key defender Ryan Edmondson out with an injured shin. Connor Berry, Billy Sharman and Fletcher Seymour are all set to come in for the Roos.

Glenorchy has named Daniel Coppleman in place of Joshua Grant for Friday night’s clash with North Hobart, while the Demons welcome back star forward Sean Willis for the first time this season alongside Sam Collins and Tyler McGinniss for William Peppin (Mariners), Geoff Unsworth and Josh Cleaver.

Young guns Ben Donnelly and Nic Hutchinson will line up for the Tigers under lights at the Twin Ovals, with this to be Hutchinson’s first game as a Tiger after crossing from North Hobart Oval, while Lauderdale has named Leo Harrison and Riley Hooker for Ben Keiselis and Blake Newell.




Round 4 – 20/04/2018




B: J. Arnold, H. Gunther, J. Millhouse
HB: M. Joseph, C. Salter, D. Joseph
C: R. Mott, M. Rainbird, J. Webb
HF: C. Daly, M. Walker, A. Roberts
F: D. Coppleman, J. Bowden, Z. Webster
R: C. Duffy, B. Webb, B. Kamaric
Int: J. Geard, H. Parker, B. Quinn, J. Stevenson
Emg: J. Bearman, B. Bester, A. Brennan, R. Oakley

In: D. Coppleman
Out: J. Grant


North Hobart

B: J. Clifford, T. McGinniss, S. Collins
HB: T. Millhouse, H. Ireland, H. Williams
C: C. Leek, H. Williams, T. Reeves
HF: J. Barwick, C. Kilpatrick, W. Burgess
F: J. Barwick, B. Walker, S. Willis
R: M. Woods, N. McCulloch, N. Lee
Int: S. Caswell, C. Ransom, B. Tilbury, K. Williams
Emg: M. Evans, A. O’Meara, O. Walker, P. Walker

In: S. Collins,  T. McGinniss, S. Willis
Out: W. Peppin, G. Unsworth, J. Cleaver


Round 4 – 20/04/2018

7:15PM – Twin Ovals


B: N. Hutchinson, J. Doran, B. Rees
HB: M. Carter, C. Woolley, M. Davies
C: W. Campbell, R. Matthews, S. Rice
HF: S. Duigan, C. Sawdy, L. Watt
F: C. Bryant, E. Burrows-Cheng, L. Graham
R: H. Thompson, L. Clifford, B. Grant
Int: O. Burrows-Cheng, B. Donnelly, B. Graham, B. McCulloch
Emg: A. Humphrey, P. Kelly, J. Manix, P. Reihana

In: B. Donnelly, N. Hutchinson
Out: T. Carter, A. Humphrey



B: N. Raglione, A. Hill, E. Stanley
HB: R. McManus, J. McGuinness, J. Perkins
C: L. Harrison, N. Franklin, A. Hevey
HF: R. Hill, B. McGuinness, H. Kerinaiua
F: T. Mosquito, R. Wiggins, R. Sutton
R: H. Smith, P. Bellchambers, J. Williams
Int: J. Cooper, R. Hooker, C. Hooker, T. Westbury
Emg: C. Best, J. Fisher, S. Kennedy, O. Shaw

In: L. Harrison, R. Hooker
Out: B. Keiselis, B. Newell


Round 4 – 21/04/2018

2:00PM – Blundstone Arena



B: J. Holmes, T. Williamson, A. Jackman
HB: M. Ling, T. Castle, C. Nield
C: K. Howlett, J. O’Brien, J. Webberley
HF: A. Dickenson, H. Richmond, J. Harper
F: J. Cox, W. Wall, A. Silver
R: C. Berry, T. Cunliffe, B. Jones
Int: M. Blackburn, G. Chambers, F. Seymour, B. Sharman
Emg: B. Dart, A. Gaul, T. Hanslow, J. Smith

In: C. Berry, F. Seymour B. Sharman
Out: R. Bailey, R. Edmondson, J. Bailey 


North Launceston

B: A. Richter-Salter, C. Young, B. Sharman
HB: J. Avent, M. Tang, S. Egger
C: J. Cousens, J. Ponting, J. Foon
HF: D. Bannister, T. Bennett, J. Pearce
F: Z. Burt, B. McCulloch, B. Cox-Goodyer
R: A. Lee, M. Walsh, T. Whitford
Int: F. Bennett, C. Lowe, C. Pearton, B. Simpson
Emg: J. Harris, J. Mazengarb, O. Sanders, L. Young

In: M. Walsh, C. Young, A. Richter-Salter, J. Foon, Z. Burt, M. Tang, B. Sharman
Out: C. Harrison, L. Jones, M. Donnelly, B. Holmes, N. Jackson, O. Sanders, J. Mazengarb



Round 4 – 20/04/2018



To be selected from:

T. Allen, W. Atkin, J. Bearman, J. Bearman, S. Berry, B. Bester,

A. Brennan, D. Brown, T. Butterworth, J. Deegan, S. Deverell, J. Douglas,

N. Eyles, R. Gunther, I. Manson, C. Mcknight, T. Morgan, N. Newman,

R. Oakley, B. Patterson, A. Peach , B. Rowbottom, L. Rowbottom, D. West

In: T. Butterworth, B. Patterson, J. Bearman, T. Allen, B. Bester

Out: B. McRoss,  C. Goodsell,  D. Coppleman,  N. Blowfield ,  L. Welsh

North Hobart

To be selected from:

J. Anders, H. Barron, S. Becker, M. Bowerman, W. Cole, W. Cooper,

M. Evans, P. Fisher, M. Grace, H. Joyce, F. Lapham, A. Moore,

R. Morgan, C. Murfet , A. Norton, A. O’Meara, M. Paolini, J. Richardson,

H. Thomas, O. Walker, P. Walker, B. Walters, B. Williams, T. Willmott, B. Young

In: B. Walters, H. Barron, H. Joyce, B. Young, M. Grace, B. Williams

Out: J. Gourlay, T. McGinniss


Round 4 – 20/04/2018

4:45PM – Twin Ovals


To be selected from:

B. Bakes, R. Bezzant, J. Fyfe, L. Knowles, J. Banks – Balding,

H. Burrows, T. Carter, M. Coad, M. Cooke, W. Dean,

J. Dharmawardena, C. Doyle, B. Gordon, P. Kelly, J. Lister, J. Manix,

J. Pride, P. Reihana, M. Reynolds, M. Rickards, J. Wells


To be selected from:

Z. Berry, C. Best, J. DiIenno, J. Fisher, S. Foster, W. Francis,

R. Hooker, P. Hudson, D. Johns, K. Kantilla, S. Kennedy, R. Kerslake,

J. Klok, B. Lamprell, C. Laoumtzis, J. Lewis, T. Martin, T. McKnight,

L. Meagher, B. Newell, S. Perkins, R. Prouse, J. Revell, O. Shaw,

T. Steele, D. Stewart, J. White

In: J. Lewis, S. Perkins, L. Meagher, B. Newell, S. Foster


Round 4 – 21/04/2018

11:30AM – Blundstone Arena


To be selected from:

K. Bailey, J. Bealey, C. Berry, J. Brenner, H. Burgess, R. Cowie,

B. Dart, A. Gaul, S. Green, T. Hanslow, T. Hope, D. Howlett,

B. Latham, C. Lovell, T. Marshall, A. Morton, O. Paprotny, J. Preshaw,

D. Reimers, J. Smith, S. Storic, J. Tilley, J. Young

In: S. Storic, J. Preshaw, T. Marshall, A. Morton

Out: F. Seymour,  B. Sharman

North Launceston

To be selected from:

W. Birchmore, A. Bourne, M. Cossins, J. Curran, M. Donnelly, T. Foon,

B. Freeman, C. Haines, J. Harris, C. Harrison, B. Holmes, N. Jackson,

A. Jefferies, L. Jones, J. Lanham, K. Lanham, J. Mazengarb, A. Potter,

C. Praciak, J. Russell, O. Sanders, J. Smith, C. Stuart, S. Tyson,

K. Wadley, T. Webb, L. Young

In: C. Stuart, C. Haines, L. Jones, M. Donnelly, L. Young, N. Jackson, C. Harrison, T. Foon, A. Jefferies, B. Holmes

Out: D. Brown, D. Baker, J. Donaldson, N. McLachlan, T. Claxton, D. Bantick, B. Ronken, M. Brient-Zankovic, J. Kerr