Tribunal Appeal denied


Round One

Jordon Roberts (Lauderdale) was referred for rough conduct (dangerous tackle) on Wade Wall (Clarence)

The Match Review Panel determined that the tackle was careless, with low impact to the body. The Match Review Panel also gave strong consideration for the potential to cause serious injury.

Player Roberts was offered a base sanction of two matches, reduced to one match with an early guilty plea. Player Roberts’ base sanction included a one-match loading due to a poor record, taking the sanction from a reprimand with an early guilty plea to one match sanction with an early guilty plea.

Player Roberts rejected the offer and the matter was heard at the Tribunal on Wednesday 4th April 2018 at 6:00 pm.

After considering all of the evidence presented at the Tribunal hearing, Player Roberts was found guilty and the incident assessed as careless, to the body and with low impact. This saw the charge upheld and a two match sanction handed down to Player Roberts.

Following the Tribunal verdict, Lauderdale FC applied to appeal the decision to the TSL Appeals board. The TSL Arbitrator considered the Appeal application as submitted by Lauderdale FC and denied the Appeal hearing on the basis that the application did not fulfil any one of the four grounds for Appeal, as per section 4.3 of the State & Territory Tribunal Guidelines 2018:

4.3 Grounds for Appeal 

Except where otherwise determined by the Controlling Body, a Person found guilty of a Reportable Offence by the Tribunal, or the Controlling Body may only appeal to the Appeal
Board in respect of a decision made by the Tribunal under these Guidelines on one or more of the following grounds:

(a) that there was an error of law;

(b) that the decision was so unreasonable that no Tribunal acting reasonably could have
come to that decision having regard to the evidence before it;

(c) the classification of the level of the offence was manifestly excessive or inadequate; or

(d) that the sanction imposed was manifestly excessive or inadequate.