TSL leadership meets

AFL Tasmania management held a meeting with Tasmanian State League (TSL) Presidents today in Campbell Town.

The focus of the meeting was on the season ahead as well as determining key actions to help address present challenges within the competition.

The meeting opened with an update from new CEO Trisha Squires with reference to the review into the Future Directions of Tasmanian Football report.
TSL Manager Carl Saunder worked through TSL competition structure and financials with discussion from all parties.Tasmanian Football Council Manager Jackson Hills presented on league affiliation and competitive balance frameworks and AFL State League and International Manager Simon Laughton also presented to the group.

As part of the meeting, the group reviewed the structure and financial model of other state leagues competitions – including a benchmarking exercise which compared state leagues across Australia with direct AFL contribution. This exercise highlighted similar challenges across state leagues, however, it also revealed minimal AFL funding differences across the competitions.

The key outcomes of the meeting were as follows:

  • AFL, AFL Tasmania and all seven TSL clubs are committed to the TSL.
  • A North-West TSL presence is an urgent priority with immediate consultation needing to place in the region led by AFL Tasmania with the key stakeholders, including North West clubs, leagues and the wider football community.
  • Wide agreement from all parties to discuss and consider the structure and sustainability of clubs and the competition for 2019 and beyond, to inform the broader review of the Future Directions of Tasmanian Football report.
  • Each club will receive an increase to their TSL grant of up to 13%, additional finances of $25,000 also held aside to assist travel demands.

TSL Manager Carl Saunder said it was a passionate and productive meeting with all seven Presidents contributing to the discussion.

“It was fantastic to have a group of people demonstrate strong passion and commitment to the TSL competition.

“We presented on a range of topics and heard the views of all clubs across a productive and informative meeting.

“With the withdrawal of two clubs from the North-West Coast we have immediate and longer-term challenges to face into and this formed a large part of the focus of today’s meeting.

“A TSL presence on the North-West Coast is an urgent priority and AFL Tasmania will begin consultation with the North-West community, working with all the key stakeholders to find a TSL solution and plan for the region.”

Each club will get additional funding support in their TSL grants.

“TSL clubs will get an increased investment into their TSL grant of up to 13% to alleviate existing costs. The TSL will also hold aside additional funding to assist in addressing the North-West solution.

“Of course some clubs wanted more money but this will provide immediate relief to all clubs and we will continue to consider other options to assist clubs with travel demands and other areas of their operations.

“As a competition with our clubs we will look at the structure and sustainability of our clubs and the TSL to help to provide information to the working group reviewing the Future Directions of Tasmanian Football report.”