Wrest Point TSLW Round 2 Wrap

Round two of the Wrest Point Tasmanian State League Women’s season has seen the reigning premiers continue to come out strong and the Magpies register their first win of the season, writes TSL W Digital Reporter Olivia Clayton. 


Sunday 29th April

Glenorchy v. Tigers (KGV) – 12:00pm

Glenorchy took out their first win of the season with a 10.15 (75) to 0.0 (0) defeat of the Tigers at KGV. 

The first goal of the game was kicked by Glenorchy player Brieanna Barwick and was followed up by a goal from teammate, Natalie Daniels, after being awarded a free kick. The Tigers were yet to score.

The second quarter saw more time spent in the Tigers forward half than the previous quarter despite them still being unable to score.

Glenorchy had five different goal kickers in the second term with Brieanna Barwick, Jade Williams, Nietta Lynch and Elise Barwick and Meg Jacobs all scoring one goal each.

Early into the third quarter Tigers player, Jess Murphy, receive a corky in the thigh after a heavy bump from Glenorchy player, Tahlia Strong. Play was stopped and Murphy walked off the ground with the assistance of trainers. However, Murphy was able to return later in the fourth quarter. Tigers coach, Brad Willis, commented that Murphy “will be restricted to light duties and rehab” and is “still a chance to play this week”.

The one and only goal kicked in the third quarter was kicked by Glenorchy player, Natalie Daniels. after teammate, Jasmine Tate Turvey, kicked the ball to her narrowly missing two attempted smothers by the Tigers.

The fourth quarter began with a free kick awarded to the Tigers after Glenorchy had too many players in the centre, but the visitors weren’t able to capitalise on the scoreboard.

Brieanna Barwick went on to score her third goal for the game with Sandra Eaton scoring her first.

Barwick, Sarah Skinner and Macklyn Sutcliffe were all among the Magpies’ best, while Hannah Squires impressed for the Tigers.

The game ended with a display of great sportsmanship when both teams came together in the middle of the ground for three cheers.

Glenorchy will play Clarence at Blundstone Arena in round three, while the Tigers will host Burnie at the Twin Ovals as they look to register an early season victory.

Glenorchy Football Club        2.6       7.8       8.13     10.15 (75)

Tigers Football Club               0.0       0.0       0.0       0.0 (0)


Glenorchy Football Club: B. Barwick 3, N. Daniels 2, N. Lynch, M. Jacobs, S. Eaton, J. Williams, E. Barwick


Glenorchy Football Club: M. Sutcliffe, S. Skinner, R. Siely, B. Barwick, H. Smith, G. Sullivan

Tigers Football Club: H. Squires, M. Neal, M. Absolom, C. Brooke, R. Roberts, O. McGow



Sunday 29th April

Burnie v. Launceston (Wivenhoe) – 12:00pm

Reigning premiers, Launceston, took on 2017’s fourth placed Burnie and emerged victorious, running out 12.13 (85) to 0.3 (3) winners at Wivenhoe.

Launceston made a big statement last weekend in defeating Glenorchy in round one, and after defeating Burnie by 24 points last time the two sides met last season, the Blues managed to register a big win to go two from two to start their premiership defence.

Despite fighting hard at their adopted home ground of Wivenhoe, the Dockers were only able to manage three behinds against Launceston this time around.

Launceston had eight different goal scorers with Ange Dickson, Molly Clark, Courtney Stanley and Danika Corcoran all scoring two each.

Camilla Taylor, Nikki Ristrom, Kate McLaughlin and Emma Manix-Geeves round out the last of Launceston’s goal kickers scoring one each, highlighting the Blues’ even spread of contributors across the board.

Burnie, who had the bye in round one, will be looking to register an early season victory when they take on the similarly winless Tigers at Kingston’s Twin Ovals in round three, while Launceston will rest up with the bye.

Launceston Football Club      2.4       5.5       9.11     12.13 (85)

Burnie Football Club              0.0       0.3       0.3       0.3 (3)


Launceston Football Club: A. Dickson 2, M. Clark 2, C. Stanley 2, D. Corcoran 2, C. Taylor, N. Ristrom, K. McLaughlin, E. Manix-geeves


Launceston Football Club: K. McLaughlin, C. Taylor, A. Dickson, C. Stanley, A. Carey, Z. Claridge

Burnie Football Club: L. Haines, E. Doig, L. Stevenson, E. Duncombe, S. Rodman, J. Mercer

Young Guns and Recruits Step Up In Bomber Win

Written by Josh Partridge. North Launceston picked up where round one left off on Saturday, recording an emphatic 62-point win over the Tigers at UTAS Stadium to make it two from two and start 2018 on a high. 

Josh Ponting starred for the Bombers. IC: Andrew Woodgate

The Bombers well well led by midfield star Josh Ponting, who finished as the best player on the ground in a performance that, while classy, was perhaps not quite the polished game expected of the reigning premier.

Despite having skipper Brad Cox-Goodyer as a late withdrawal, the Bombers held the lead all afternoon to record a strong 13.14 (92) to 4.6 (30) victory over the Tigers.

North Launceston coach Taylor Whitford, who again impressed individually, was happy with the result but knows his side has room to grow.

“We had a lot of the ball and we weren’t able to use it going forward effectively enough and that’s probably due to the fact they had a lot of numbers behind the ball at stages and we overused it a little bit,” Whitford said after the win on Saturday.

North Launceston did well to get off to a blistering start, breaking out to an 8.8 (64) to 2.2 (14) lead at half time, and Whitford was pleased with how his younger players and new faces were able to step up to the task.

For a club that won the premiership last year and have already been touted favourites for 2018 after consecutive ten goal wins in the first two rounds, North’s list is incredibly young, with seven players under 20 years a part of the win against the Tigers.

Particular praise was heaped on former Devonport defender Sherrin Egger, who Whitford considered to be close to best on ground.

Egger, Connor Young, Cody Lowe, Arion Richter-Salter, Fletcher Bennett, Ben Simpson and Kasey Curtis (who unfortunately dislocated his shoulder with 30 seconds left in the game), all make up a group of young Bombers who are able to take the game on against some of the best in the competition, with Young, Richter-Salter and Simpson all members of the 2017 premiership team.

The game of Jordan Cousens, one of five recruits currently in the starting 22, also impressed Whitford.

Cousens, who played for Rocherlea in the NTFA Division 1 competition last year, returned to North Launceston for 2018 after playing at the club in 2012/13 in the Colts competition.

On Saturday Cousens, along with other recruits, Dakota Bannister (East Coast Swans) , Beau Sharman (Devonport) , Michael Tang (Port Melbourne, VFL) and Egger, were able to collect the ball frequently and use it effectively to benefit the group.

Will Campbell was again one of the Tigers’ best. IC: Andrew Woodgate

Tigers coach Trent Baumeler, although disappointed in the result, was pleased with how his leadership group of captain Samuel Rice and vice captains William Campbell and Mitchell Carter stepped up to try and restrict the margin, particularly in the second half.

Baumeler also praised the efforts of experienced defender Marcus Davies, who impressed with his physicality and ball use.

“We expect those guys to play well, lead the group and drag the rest of them along every week. The leaders have to step up in these sorts of games and that was a pleasing thing about today,” Baumeler said.

North Launceston will be looking to continue their superb start to 2018, facing a rampant Glenorchy at home in round three, while the Tigers will be resting up with a round three bye.

2015 Grand Final Results

Tasmanian State League


At Blundstone Stadium – Sat, 19th September – 2:30pm

North Launceston         13.13.91
Glenorchy                         11.13.79

North Launceston: B. Cox-Goodyer 4, J. Holland 3, A. O’Sign 3, J. Pearce, Z. Burt, W. McBride
Glenorchy: J. Bowden 4, M. Rainbird 2, S. Piuselli 2, D. Muir 2, L. Smith

North Launceston: J. Holland, C. Nankervis, B. Cox-Goodyer, G. Mohr, E. Petterwood, A. Lee
Glenorchy: J. Bowden, M. Dilger, S. Hall, C. Brown, D. Muir, B. Webb

Darrel Baldock Medalist (Best on Ground) – Josh Holland (North Launceston)

Official Attendance: 5,978

Development League

Preliminary Final

At Aurora Stadium – Sat, 12th September – 11:30am

Clarence                   15.17.107
Glenorchy                11.6.72

Clarence: M. Blackburn 4, A. Grace 2, B. Hay 2, L. Murfitt-Cowen 2, M. Swan, O. Di Venuto, K. Wylie, R. Bones
Glenorchy: S. Bennetts 3, L. Webb 2, J. Crossin 2, B. Quinn, J. Geard, J. Webb, K. Styles

Clarence: B. Hay, J. Wylie, J. Harper, C. Leek, N. Douglas, M. Blackburn
Glenorchy: S. Bennetts, M. Badcock, K. Styles, J. Crossin, C. Salter, D. Clark


– Neale Atkins 

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Finals Week 3: Results

Tasmanian State League

2015 Preliminary Final: BURNIE v NORTH LAUNCESTON

At Aurora Stadium – Sat, 12th September – 2:00pm

North Launceston      13.18.96
Burnie                             12.3.75

North Launceston: A. O’Sign 4, L. Reynolds, L. Venn, E. Petterwood, Z. Burt, T. Whitford, W. McBride, T. Bennett, J. Pearce, B. Cox-Goodyer
Burnie: R. Grenville 5, A. Lee 2, R. Barrett, H. Walters, C. McDonald, J. Laycock, J. Dowling

North Launceston: H. Goss, E. Petterwood, M. Walsh, T. Whitford, A. O’Sign, L. Venn
Burnie: H. Walters, R. Grenville, N. Walters, K. Munday, C. Riley


Development League

Preliminary Final

At Aurora Stadium – Sat, 12th September – 11:30am

Glenorchy                            11.10.76
North Launceston             7.10.52

Glenorchy: J. Crossin 4, B. Kamaric 2, A. Burgess 2, B. Campbell, A. Grubb, L. Webb
North Launceston: B. Elmer 3, M. Parker, J. Hawkins, J. Moore, J. Sushames

Glenorchy: S. Bennetts, J. Geard, M. Badcock, J. Crossin, C. Duffy, B. Kamaric
North Launceston: N. McLachlan, I. Thompson, M. Parker, B. Mullins, C. Taylor, J. Rowlands


– Neale Atkins 

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Finals Week 2: Results

Tasmanian State League

2015 2nd Semi-Final: GLENORCHY v BURNIE

At Blundstone Arena – Sat, 5th September – 2:00pm

Glenorchy              13.16.94
Burnie                     8.4.52

Glenorchy: D. Muir 4, M. Rainbird 3, T. Bowden 2, J. Arnold 2, S. Piuselli, J. Hayden
Burnie: A. Lee 3, R. Grenville, C. McDonald, N. McKenna, J. Dowling, S. Newson

Glenorchy: S. Hall, C. Brown, J. Arnold, M. Dilger, D. Muir, D. Joseph
Burnie: C. Proctor, H. Walters, N. Walters, D. Banham, K. Munday, N. McKenna

Report: TBC



At Blundstone Arena – Sat, 5th September – 2:00pm

North Launceston            9.19.73
Lauderdale                         10.10.70

North Launceston: Z. Burt 3, E. Petterwood 2, A. O’Sign 1, L. Young 1, D. Roozendaal 1, A. Cox-Goodyer
Lauderdale: B. Halton 3, N. Dodge 3, R. Wiggins 2, P. Bellchambers 1, M. Cassidy 1

North Launceston: D. Roozendaal, J. Foon, L. Reynolds, Z. Burt, L. Young, C. Nankervis
Lauderdale: P. Bellchambers, B. McGuinness, N. Franklin, I. Franks, T. Boscott, W. Tate Turvey

Report: TBC



Development League

2nd Semi-Final

At Blundstone Arena – Sun, 5th September – 11:30am

Clarence                 15.7.97
Glenorchy              5.13.43

Clarence: M. Haydon 3, M. Blackburn 2, R. Bones 2, C. Alcorso 2, L. Adams, O. Di Venuto, A. Silver, A. Grace, J. Holmes, N. Douglas
Glenorchy: J. Geard 3, A. Grubb, C. Duffy

Clarence: J. Wylie, J. Harper, O. Di Venuto, K. Bailey, C. Leek, A. Jones
Glenorchy: C. Duffy, J. Geard, D. Clark, B. Quinn, M. Badcock, J. Crossin


1st Semi Final

At Aurora Stadium – Sat, 29th August – 11:30am

North Launceston       14.7.91
Lauderdale                     4.8.32

North Launceston: J. Moore 6, N. Lohrey-Lockwood 2, J. Rowlands, B. Elmer, J. Lovegrove, J. Hawkins, T. Griggs, L. Venn
Lauderdale: C. Hooker 2, S. Watson, B. Anderton

North Launceston: A. Richter-Salter, H. Goss, J. Hawkins, T. Griggs, I. Thompson, N. Lohrey-Lockwood
Lauderdale: B. Anderton, A. Johnston, R. Hill, D. Johns, S. Watson, T. Havea


– Neale Atkins 

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Finals Week 1: Results

Tasmanian State League

2015 Qualifying Final: BURNIE v NORTH LAUNCESTON

Burnie                                  15.14.104
North Launceston            13.10.88

Burnie: K. Harman 3, D. Smith 2, H. Walters 2, J. Laycock 2, N. Walters, R. Grenville, T. Morrison, N. McKenna, B. Knight, R. Barrett
North Launceston: B. Cox-Goodyer 3, A. O’Sign 3, T. Bennett 2, M. Walsh 2, Z. Burt, W. McBride, G. Mohr

Burnie: N. Walters, H. Walters, C. Riley, D. Smith, D. Banham, K. Harman
North Launceston: J. Foon, D. Roozendaal, E. Petterwood, J. Avent, A. Cox-Goodyer, T. Whitford

Report: Burnie made use of kicking with a good breeze in the first quarter, booting 5.5 to 0.1 to set the tone early in this Qualifying Final. They then kicked 4 goals against the breeze in the 2nd quarter to 3, which proved decisive in the context of the game. Harry & Nick Walters were dominant early and continued to provide solid defensive pressure, with Harry getting on the scoreboard to really lay the foundations for a Burnie victory. Kyle Harman was also fantastic for Burnie, proving a huge headache, booting 3 goals and making use of the opportunities he created. To North’s credit, they fought back in the 2nd half, lead by Jay Foon and Daniel Roozendaal, getting to within 2 kicks of the lead, with the ever reliable Ethan Petterwood missing a kickable snap for goal in the middle of the 4th, one of the many chances the Bombers had to steal the game away from Burnie. The Dockers never gave up and held on for the win.


2015 Elimination Final: LAUDERDALE v DEVONPORT

Sat, 29th August – 2:00pm at Blundstone Arena

Lauderdale                  13.8.86
Devonport                    7.8.50

Lauderdale: B. Halton 3, N. Dodge 3, R. McManus 2, M. Cassidy, J. Dunham, T. Boscott, K. Waller, B. Walsh
Devonport: N. Pearce 2, L. Keep, A. McNab, N. Rataj, T. Gavralas, B. Deverell

Lauderdale: E. Stanley, J. Siggins, W. Tate Turvey, A. Duggan, I. Franks, B. Walsh
Devonport: B. Symmons, S. McCrossen, P. Crowden, N. Rataj, S. Douglas, S. Hess

Report: Another contest where the winner held the opposition goalless in the first quarter, this time with Lauderdale putting the clamps on the Magpies, leading at the first break 3.2 to 0.0. The Bombers defensive pressure and structure was fantastic during the whole match, restricting Devonport to 7 goals for game. Bryce Walsh was best on ground, finding some much needed form and consistency. Backmen Siggins, Adam Duggan and Edward Stanley were also fantastic in making it hard for Devonport to pose a threat on the scoreboard. For the Magpies, they certainly never stopped trying, with Nathan Rataj and Brad Symmons doing their best to get into them into the game. They’ll certainly be better for it after tasting finals again for the first time since 2010 and will be a tough proposition come this time in 2016.



Development League

Qualifying Final

Sun, 30th August – 11:30am


Aurora Stadium

Clarence                             13.9.87
North Launceston           3.10.28

Clarence: C. Alcorso 3, A. Grace 2, M. Blackburn 2, L. Murfitt-Cowen 2, A. Silver, B. Hay, L. Adams, O. Di Venuto
North Launceston: J. Moore 3

Clarence: J. Wylie, O. Di Venuto, J. Harper, R. Bones, O. Rand, K. Wylie
North Launceston: W. Loone, J. Hawkins, N. McLachlan, L. Venn, K. Curtis, W. Fisher


Elimination Final

Sat, 29th August – 11:30am


Blundstone Arena

Lauderdale                  12.9.81
Hobart City                  5.10.40

Lauderdale: R. Wiggins 7, S. Watson 2, S. Long, A. Woodhead, B. Pace
Hobart City: J. Bastick 2, J. Miller, J. Williamson, J. McCulloch

Lauderdale: S. Long, S. Hill, N. Sullivan, A. Morton, R. Wiggins
Hobart City: J. McCulloch, B. Johnston, A. Lockett, J. Miller, S. Duigan, J. Bastick


– Neale Atkins 

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