Wrest Point TSLW Round 18 Wrap

Round 18 of the Wrest Point Tasmanian State League Women’s season saw a Clarence clinch an upset win over the ladder leading Magpies at KGV, while Burnie gave it their all against Launceston in their final game of the season at Windsor Park, writes TSL W Digital Reporter Olivia Clayton.


Sunday 16th August

Launceston v. Burnie (Windsor Park) – 12:00pm

Launceston 13.20 (98) defeated Burnie 0.2 (2) in round 18 at Windsor Park.

The Blues controlled the match from the get-go, piling on 7.15 to the Dockers’ one behind to lead by 57 points at half time.

Launceston kicked 7.15 in the first half to lead by 57 points at half time.

The Blues’ dominance extended well into the second half, with the hosts kicking another six goals, all while conceding just the one behind to record a comprehensive 96-point victory.

Brie Rattray kicked five goals for Launceston to lead the damage on the scoreboard, while Ange Dickson, Dearne Taylor and Emma Manix-geeves chipped in with two each.

The Dockers best players were Libby Haines, Lauren Stevenson, Emily Duncombe, Kaytlyn Johnson, Lilly Badcock and Courtney Chandler, while the Blues’ best were Mia King, Ange Dickson, Brie Rattray, Chanette Thuringer, Nicole Ristrom and Courtney Stanley.

Burnie finish the home and away season in fifth spot, just missing out on a finals berth, while Launceston finish in third place and will host the Tigers at Windsor Park in this weekend’s Semi Final.


Launceston Football Club              4.10     7.15    9.17   13.20 (98)

Burnie Football Club                      0.0      0.1      0.1     0.2 (2)



Launceston Football Club:  B. Rattray 5, A. Dickson 2, D. Taylor 2, E. Manix-geeves 2, M. Binns, M. Radford


Launceston Football Club: M. King, A. Dickson, B. Rattray, C. Thuringer, N. Ristrom, C. Stanley

Burnie Football Club: L. Haines, L. Stevenson, E. Duncombe, K. Johnson, L. Badcock, C. Chandler

Sunday 26th August

Glenorchy v. Clarence (KGV) – 1:30pm

Clarence 6.8 (44) defeated Glenorchy 3.7 (25) at KGV for the first time in the 2018 season.

Sunday’s game saw teams battle strong winds and rain, with Clarence fighting to secure second spot and go into the finals with momentum.

The ‘Roos got off to the better start, kicking 1.4 to Glenorchy’s sole behind, but the Magpies had the better of the second term, kicking two goals to one to level the scores at the main break.

Clarence took the lead in the third term kicking 4.2, to lead by 26 points at three quarter time, after keeping the hosts scoreless.

The Pies came back in the final quarter kicking 1.3, to the Roos two behinds, but just fell short with Clarence winning by 19 points.

Sophie Pennicott kicked two for the Roos, Jessica Minifie, Jenna Farrow, Darcy Elliston and Natalie Pearce all kicked one each.

Sandy Eaton kicked one goal for the Pies, and Nietta Lynch kicked two, bringing her season total to 34 goals.

Glenorchy coach, Craig Grace, said the game will hold his side in good stead for the finals.

“It was a really good hit out leading into finals this week and showed we need to be at our best to compete through finals.

“We had a few sore bodies that will need to be monitored during the week but we should have everyone available this weekend.”

The Pies best players were Elise Barwick, Gennaveve Sullivan, Natalie Daniels, Brieanna Barwick, Jade Williams and Thomasa Corrie.

“Elise Barwick was outstanding and showed others in the team the level of commitment needed to play in big games. Genn Sullivan in the ruck battled really hard all day and was really impressive,” Grace said.

Clarence coach Andy Smith was pleased to get the result against the ladder leaders.

Clarence coach, Andy Smith, says “it was good preparation coming up against a quality opposition the week before the finals. Both sides had control of the game at times and played some good footy.”

“I thought in the third quarter we took advantage of the weather conditions and that was the difference between the teams.”

The Roos best players were Sophie Pennicott, Maddy Smith, Nicole Bresnehan, Jacinta Limbrick, Loveth Ochayi and Bronte Scott.

Smith though that the “senior players stood up and it was a good even contribution from the team.”

Glenorchy finish on top of the ladder, two wins clear of Clarence who came in second. Both teams will play each other again at KGV in the semi-final this Sunday.


Glenorchy Football Club                 0.1      2.4      2.4     3.7 (25)

Clarence Football Club                   1.4      2.4      6.6     6.8 (44)



Glenorchy Football Club: N. Lynch 2, S. Eaton

Clarence Football Club: S. Pennicott 2, J. Minifie, J. Farrow, D. Elliston, N. Pearce


Glenorchy Football Club: E. Barwick, G. Sullivan, N. Daniels, B. Barwick, J. Williams, T. Corrie

Clarence Football Club: S. Pennicott, M. Smith, N. Bresnehan, J. Limbrick, L. Ochayi, B. Scott

Bupa TSL Teams – Finals Week 2

The teams are in for the second weekend of the 2018 Bupa Tasmanian State League finals series and some of the competition’s very best are set to return. 

North Launceston’s 2017 premiership coach Tom Couch headlines selections for the weekend, coming in for just his sixth game this season, and first since June in Saturday’s Semi Final against Glenorchy.

Couch is joined by Tassie Mariners star and Allies representative Rhyan Mansell as inclusions, while Lochlan Young and the suspended Arion Richter-Salter make way.

Glenorchy will also welcome back three huge names, with midfield gun Rhys Mott returning from suspension and key figures Zac Webster and Josh Grant named after time on the sidelines due to injury.

The Magpies will of course be without superstar Jaye Bowden, with Jack Stevenson and Harry Parker also making way, however, these inclusions will significantly bolster the ‘Pies heading into the clash with the reigning premiers.

Launceston, as has often happened in 2018, have made three changes for this weekend’s cutthroat final under lights against Lauderdale, with Jake Hinds returning from suspension alongside Jack Donnellan and Casey Brown. The talented trio of Jared Dakin, Ethan Jackson and Jack Rushton make way.

Lauderdale has made just the one change, with Ed Stanley coming in for youngster Jeremiah Perkins, who played minimal game time last weekend after falling ill during the week.




2nd Semi Final – 01/09/2018

3:30PM – UTAS Stadium


North Launceston

B: Z. Burt, C. Young, B. Sharman

HB: S. Egger, J. Pearce, T. Thomas

C: D.  Bannister, J.  Ponting, J.  Cousens

HF: R. Mansell, T. Bennett, T. Whitford

F: J. Avent, B. McCulloch, T. Couch

R: A. Lee, B. Cox-Goodyer, M. Walsh

Int: F. Bennett, B. Simpson, M. Tang, K. Wadley

Emg: T. Donnelly, J. Mazengarb, O. Sanders, L. Young

In: R. Mansell, T. Couch

Out: A. Richter-Salter, L. Young

B: J. Arnold, J. Grant, A. Brennan

HB: D. Joseph, H. Gunther, C. Mcknight

C: R.  Banks-Smith, B.  Webb, R.  Mott

HF: C. Daly, C. Salter, Z. Webster

F: B. Bester, M. Walker, M. Rainbird

R: C. Duffy, B. Kamaric, J. Webb

Int: W. Atkin, J. Geard, A. Roberts, B. Rowbottom

Emg: T. Butterworth, J. Millhouse, R. Oakley, H. Parker

In: R. Mott, Z. Webster, J. Grant

Out: J. Stevenson, J. Bowden, H. Parker


1st Semi Final – 01/09/2018

6:30PM – UTAS Stadium


B: T. Mundy, S. Vandervelde, C. Savage

HB: R. Kelly-Mansell, J. Harper, R. Tyrrell

C: B.  Palfreyman, J.  House, T.  Sheppard

HF: M. Hodge, M. Thorp, S. Rundle

F: C. Brown, H. Leedham, D. Riley

R: T. Auckland, J. Hinds, J. Smith

Int: J. Boyce, J. Donnellan, C. Jones, B. Taylor

Emg: E. Jackson, S. Lonergan, J. Rushton, A. Wright

In: J. Donnellan, C. Brown, J. Hinds

Out: J. Dakin, E. Jackson, J, Rushton

B: N. Raglione, A. Hill, O. Shaw

HB: M. Anderton, R. Wiggins, J. McGuinness

C: R.  McManus, N.  Franklin, R.  Sutton

HF: A. Hevey, J. Gillbee, H. Kerinaiua

F: T. Boscott, T. Havea, T. Mosquito

R: H. Smith, P. Bellchambers, N. Baker

Int: L. Harrison, C. Laoumtzis, E. Stanley, J. Williams

Emg: C. Best, R. Hill, C. Hooker, M. McGuinness

In: E. Stanley

Out: J. Perkins



1st Semi Final – 02/09/2018

12:00PM – Windsor Park


B: M. Smith, , H. Whyte

HB: M. Sinclair, N. Ristrom, C. Thuringer

C: Z.  Claridge, D.  Taylor, C.  Stanley

HF: G. Hill, A. Green, M. Radford

F: E. Manix-geeves, B. Rattray,

R: B. Thurlow, B. White, A. Dickson

Int: M. Binns, D. Corcoran, A. Halaby, C. Taylor
Tigers FC

B: L. Reid, G. Burgess,

HB: M. Absolom, R. Roberts, O. McKee

C: K.  Baker, C.  Brooke,

HF: E. Kirkwood, G. Millar, M. Wilkinson

F: N. Durham, B. Phillips, J. Murphy

R: M. Smith, S. Grimsey, T. Roxann

Int: B. McDonald, M. Hogarth


2nd Semi Final – 02/09/2018

12:00PM – KGV Oval


B: J. Williams, R. Siely,

HB: T. Strong, H. Smith, N. Daniels

C: Z.  Manjerovic, S.  Skinner, G.  Terry

HF: T. Corrie, H. Ryan, M. Sutcliffe

F: J. Tate Turvey, N. Lynch,

R: G. Sullivan, B. Barwick, E. Barwick

Int: G. Allan, S. Davis, S. Eaton, M. Jacobs

Emg: E. Siely, K. Stanford


B: R. Long, R. Archer,

HB: G. Pennicott, K. Johnson, H. Scott

C: J.  Minifie, N.  Bresnehan, G.  Mitchell

HF: J. Limbrick, S. Pennicott, M. Smith

F: T. Ford, L. Ochayi,

R: C. Wells, D. Elliston, B. Scott

Int: B. Goward, N. Heggie, S. Hinks, N. Pearce

Emg: J. Farrow, N. Garlo

Mercury Cup


1st Semi Final – 01/09/2018

10:30AM – UTAS Stadium


To be selected from:

K. Bailey, J. Bealey, C. Berry, T. Birchall, J. Brenner, H. Burgess,

A. Gaul, S. Green, T. Hanslow, T. Hope, K. Howlett, A. Jackman,

B. Latham, B. Lewis, C. Lovell, T. Marshall, A. Morton, O. Paprotny,

J. Preshaw, D. Reimers, S. Storic, J. Tilley, K. Wylie, B. Young,

J. Young

North Launceston
To be selected from:

D. Baker, T. Claxton, M. Cossins, J. Curran, K. Curtis, T. Donnelly,

M. Donnelly, T. Foon, C. Haines, J. Harris, C. Harrison, N. Jackson,

A. Jefferies, L. Jones, J. Kerr, K. Lanham, J. Lanham, C. Lowe,

J. Mazengarb, C. Pearton, A. Potter, C. Praciak, B. Ronken, O. Sanders,

C. Stuart, X. Todman, R. Whitney, L. Young


2nd Semi Final – 01/09/2018

1:00PM – UTAS Stadium

To be selected from:

M. Blazely, E. Conway, A. Dickenson, H. Griffiths, G. Millucci, M. Spohn

J. Bott, M. Dikkenberg, J. Edmunds, T. Lucas, J. O’Donnell

J. Boyd, S. Bruinewoud, J. Chaplin, C. Curtis, J. Dakin, L. Gee,

J. Gillow, G. Holt, E. Jackson, A. Liberatore, T. Miller, B. Neil,

J. Nunn, Z. Oldenhof, B. Rubock, J. Rushton, J. Tuthill, A. Wright
To be selected from:

J. Bearman, J. Bearman, S. Berry, N. Blowfield , D. Brown, T. Butterworth,

J. Cooper, D. Cooper, D. Coppleman, J. Davie, K. Dean, J. Deegan,

S. Deverell, C. French, C. Goodsell, M. Joseph, J. Millhouse, N. Newman,

R. Oakley, H. Parker, B. Patterson, A. Peach , B. Quinn, J. Stevenson,

C. Walker, Z. Welsh, J. Whitford

TSL Tribunal Results – Finals Week 1

Bupa Tasmanian State League

Finals – Week 1

1.      Toutai Havea (Lauderdale) was referred for an incident involving Jason Bailey (Clarence)

Due to a lack of visual evidence, this matter was referred to the Independent Tribunal, with the case heard at 6:00pm on Tuesday 28th August.

An incident referral was lodged by the emergency umpire in relation to Player Havea stomping on the arm of Player Bailey in the second quarter of the Elimination Final between Clarence and Lauderdale at Blundstone Arena.

Player Havea entered a not guilty plea, arguing that contact made to Player Bailey’s arm was unintentional and incidental as he went to move away from the area. 

Evidence presented by all parties found that Player Bailey and Player Havea had gone to ground after a stoppage, with Player Havea getting to his feet before the contact was made. 

The Independent Tribunal, considering the evidence presented, determined that the contact made was of an unintentional nature, and part of a normal football incident as Player Havea went to move away from Player Bailey.

The Independent Tribunal found Player Havea NOT GUILTY with no case to answer. 

Finals Experience Will Boost Bombers – Smith

Lauderdale will enter Saturday’s sudden death Semi Final against Launceston at UTAS Stadium full of confidence, according to in-form ruckman Haydn Smith. 

Smith’s Bombers were in ominous touch in Saturday’s Elimination Final against Eastern Shore rivals Clarence, controlling the opening half before kicking eight goals to one in a blistering third term to put the contest to bed.

“It is always good to beat Clarence,” Smith said on Monday.

“Clarence and Lauderdale have a lot of history. We knew they were pretty underdone [through injuries] but we had to make sure we didn’t take them lightly. They’re a pretty good team, even with the personnel they were missing.”

Smith’s night was made a touch easier with the late withdrawal of Clarence ruckman Ryan Bailey, who, like Smith, has emerged as one of the state’s very best big men in 2018.

“[I didn’t find out about Bailey’s withdrawl] until about 10 minutes before we ran out. I went through the normal preparation and was ready to go and play against him.

“He is one of the better ruckmen in the state so it was a matter of preparing myself to play the best footy regardless of who I was playing against.

“When I found out he wasn’t playing I thought I might have been in for a good game. Playing on an undersized ruckman gives me a pretty big advantage with my size and experience generally helping our midfielders get first use. My game wasn’t amazing by any standard but I still definitely helped the midfield as much as I could.”

Lauderdale will now face a road trip to UTAS Stadium, a venue that hosted the Bombers’ grand final capitulation nearly 12 months earlier.

Although the Bombers’ 2017 premiership aspirations came to a grinding halt on the final match day of the season, Smith is adamant the experience of playing finals footy and competing on UTAS Stadium will hold his side in good stead for the remainder of the upcoming series.

“The experience of playing finals will help a lot.

“We went inexperienced as to what a grand final is last year, but by making the grand final we overcame some big challenges and it is going to be the same this year.

“We will have to go the long way and the hard way, but I think everyone is up for doing it and the experience of last year will help us prepare for it. It looks like we will have to play another final at UTAS Stadium at some stage in addition to this, so we will just prepare and get ready to play our best footy wherever we need to play,” Smith said.

“We know with full confidence that on our best day we can match it with the best.”

The Bombers will have their hands full against a wounded Launceston outfit that for much of Saturday’s Qualifying Final, looked on track for victory before being overrun in the final term.

“I went into the rooms at about 3/4 time and expected Launceston to run away with the win, but they got overran – they will have a bit of fire in their belly and that is what we will have to expect when we go up there.

“They will be pretty intense and are a slick side if we let them run and do what they like to do, so it will be a competitive, tough game and we won’t get many easy games from here,” Smith said.

Resilient ‘Pies Have The Belief – Duffy

Down by four goals, star player Jaye Bowden watching on from the sidelines and the team seemingly out of the contest, Glenorchy entered the three-quarter-time break in Saturday’s Qualifying Final with a sense of optimism and belief.

“At the break PK (coach Paul Kennedy) asked if we believed in ourselves,” Magpie ruckman Cameron Duffy said on Monday.

This question, answered with a resounding yes by the playing group, was backed by a statistic from the coach that gave an undermanned playing group plenty of confidence.

“PK came with an interesting stat during the break.

“We had outscored them [Launceston] in last quarters 14 goals to four this year, so we knew that we were going to run over the top of them,” Duffy said.

And run over the top the Magpies did, with Duffy’s side booting six unanswered goals in the final stanza to turn a rather daunting deficit into a stunning 14-point triumph.

“If we believed in ourselves, believed in each other and all played our individual roles, we would come out with the chocolates so it was good.

“That was one of the best wins I have been involved in at the club, probably second to that Grand Final win [in 2016].

“You couldn’t really write a script for that win – it was a good win by the boys, a real team effort.”

IC: Solstice Digital

Duffy, who continued his strong 2018 form with another good performance, was full of praise for the versatility and resilience of a side that was missing the likes of Zac Webster, Matthew Joseph, Clinton French on top of Bowden, who went down in the opening term.

“It’s good, it proves that we a heap of players that can kick goals and that we don’t need to rely just on Jaye.

“Brodie Rowbottom came into the side and kicked four, Will Atkin [played his role] and Daniel Joseph coming off the half back line kicked the sealer in the end, so we have lots of players who can kick goals.

“There is real competition for spots, which is a good problem to have with selection headaches coming into this weekend.”

Rowbottom proved to be the firestarter for the Magpies and has gone a long way to securing his spot in the team for this finals series.

“Brodie has been doing all the right things around the clubs, doing extra sessions and extra running sessions off his own back,” Duffy said.

“It is a real credit to him, he came in, kicked four goals and was one of the players of the game.”

Glenorchy now face the challenge of meeting North Launceston in Saturday’s Semi Final, with automatic qualification for the Grand Final the victor’s reward.

The Northern Bombers, coming off the week one finals bye, will be playing just their second match since early August, and although they have been the pacesetter for nearly two full seasons now, Duffy knows that his side has what it takes to cause a boil-over.

“It’s well known, even in the AFL,that some clubs come in flat off the bye, so we will definitely be using that momentum from the win on Saturday coming into the big challenge of North Launceston.

“We know what to expect from them, they are a well-drilled and well-trained side, but the belief in the group is that we can go up there and get the job done,” Duffy said.

“They are a great outfit, there is no doubt about that, but anyone is beatable on their day.”

Bomber Barrage Sees End To Roos Season

Written by Ryan Rosendale and Anthony Osborn

It was one of the most mouth-watering finals in recent memory with Eastern Shore rivals Clarence and Lauderdale going head-to-head in an Elimination Final, and while the game may not have lived up to the hype, the victorious Bombers certainly proved they are a genuine premiership threat come the final siren.

Despite the home side heading into the game with a number of key injuries, many expected the encounter to be a tight, hard fought and physical contest and while they may have seen the latter two, a six-goal to two opening half saw the Bombers open up a 26-point lead at the long break.

It was after the break however when last year’s grand finalists really got the ball rolling, slamming on eight third-term majors to the ‘Roos one to eventually run out winners 15.15 (105) to 6.11 (47).

With the game well and truly put to bed at the final change, the Bombers eased their foot off the gas somewhat in the last, allowing the Roos to draw in the final margin to 58-points when it appeared it could have finished in the triple-digits throughout the third.

With skipper Bryce Walsh missing through injury, midfield bull Phil Bellchambers was at his rampaging best, collecting plenty of the ball and kicking two goals while forward Jacob Gillbee was the star of the show with five majors.

The likes of Henry Kerinaiua and Tim Mosquito also threatened on the wide expanses of Blundstone Arena, as did silky wingman Rhys Sutton, who looks to be hitting some of his best form at the right time of the season.

It was however the roles of Josh McGuinness and Leo Harrison on Clarence stars Jake Cox and Brady Jones respectively that were an important part in the Bombers victory.

McGuinness, who had effectively shut Cox down when the side’s met back in round 15’s Stay ChatTY Cup clash, did the job once again, silencing the mercurial Clarence star for much of the clash.

“I think Coxy is the best player in the comp and he is someone that has got a hold of us a few times and done a lot of damage,” Lauderdale assistant coach Clint Brown said post game.

“Josh did a really good job on him last time and we thought psychologically that if Josh went to him again, it could do some damage to his thinking.

“He did a really good job and I don’t think Jake had any influence on the game at all,” Brown said.

IC: Solstice Digital

The injury-hit ‘Roos, already missing the likes of Jackson O’Brien, Matt Ling, Gabby Chambers and Fraser Turner, were dealt another cruel blow on the eve of the clash, losing star ruckman Ryan Bailey.

Although it perhaps wasn’t his most dominant of matches, Lauderdale big man Haydn Smith made the most of this advantage, providing his midfield brigade of Nat Franklin, Phil Bellchambers and Nic Baker first use for much of the evening.

“We knew that they were undermanned going into the game, so we probably went in as favourites with the personnel they had out. We knew that they are a proud club and that they would come out firing. They did that early and I think we did a good job keeping them scoreless for a long time,” Brown said.

The Bombers’ defensive efforts were superb, conceding just two goals in the opening half and six for the game, with three of these goals coming in the dying stages of the contest.

This stingy defensive effort was built off of pressure on the ball carrier, something the team had a focus on leading into the clash, and something that had a clear effect, with the ‘Roos use out of the back half costly throughout the night.

“It was something we put a lot of focus on.

“They use the ball well by foot, so we tried to shut down the boundaries and encourage them to come back through the corridor,” Brown said.

Lauderdale will have two injury concerns to keep an eye on, with gun defender Mitch Anderton ending the night on the bench due to some tightness in his adductor, while fellow young gun Jeremiah Perkins only played part of the match due to illness earlier in the week.

Clarence’s loss extended an unflattering record of not having won a final since 2013, while Lauderdale extended it’s strong run of form against the ‘Roos at Blundstone Arena, notching win number three in a row.

Lauderdale will now prepare for a huge Semi Final showdown with Launceston at UTAS Stadium, with the winner of that clash set to meet the loser of North Launceston and Glenorchy for a spot in the 2018 decider, and after starting the finals in this sort of form, there is no reason to think the Bombers of Lauderdale can’t do it all over again and make the big dance.



Clarence                                0.1,  2.4,  3.8,  6.11  (47)

Lauderdale                           3.4,  6.6,  14.12,  15.15  (105)



Clarence : J. Webberley 2, T. Cunliffe, O. Paprotny, T. Standen, T. Castle

Lauderdale : J. Gillbee 5, H. Kerinaiua 2, R. Wiggins 2, N. Franklin 2, P. Bellchambers 2, C. Laoumtzis, A. Hill


Clarence : J. Webberley, B. Jones, O. Paprotny, J. Holmes, T. Cunliffe, J. Bailey

Lauderdale : J. McGuinness, R. Sutton, J. Gillbee, O. Shaw, N. Baker, N. Raglione

Winged Magpies Swoop Late Against Blues

Written by Alex FitzGerald

Glenorchy has booked a berth in next week’s Qualifying Final against North Launceston after sensationally overcoming a 35 point deficit to defeat Launceston at Blundstone Arena on Saturday afternoon.

The Blues dominated the contest early and looked like recording a comfortable victory, but the Magpies rallied against all odds to boot nine of the final 10 majors, including six the final term, to record a 14 point win;  13.10 (88) to 10.14 (74).

The hosts were dealt a huge blow in the opening minutes when superstar Jaye Bowden clutched at his left knee after taking a contested grab in front of goal.  Bowden left the field without taking his kick and took no further part in the game, handing Launceston an unexpected advantage as a result.

The Blues capitalised on the Magpies’ loss, booting six straight goals to hold a 35 point lead midway through the second term, with young midfield bull Jamieson House having a direct hand in three of his side’s majors.  With draft prospect Chayce Jones and the talented Brodie Palfreyman running riot in the midfield and the Blues’ forwards kicking long range goals at will, it appeared that the game was over before it began.

Enter the trademark Glenorchy worth ethic and signature run and carry.  The Magpies’ rebounding defenders began working overtime  to set up forward surges, resulting in two late majors to Brodie Rowbottom and Bayley Bester as the hosts pegged the margin back to an even four goals at the main break.

The third term was a a see-sawing affair, with two quick Ryan Banks-Smith majors and a desperate goal-saving tackle from Will Atkin perhaps foreshadowing what was to come in the final stanza, as Glenorchy toiled away to remain in the contest.

Fans were treated to an unbelievable final term, with the Magpies defending like men possessed and booting six unanswered goals up forward to hit the front in time on, eventually walking off Blundstone Arena in the fading light as the most unlikely of victors.

IC: Solstice Digital

Glenorchy coach Paul Kennedy was in awe of his side’s comeback in the minutes after the final siren.

“It’s just one final, and we’ve got more work to do, but for a brief minute you just reflect on how good a win that was.”

” You don’t get too many better than that.”

Kennedy was impressed with how his charges rallied from six goals down, especially after the loss of Bowden and late withdrawal of Premiership ‘Pie Clinton French.

” It was enormous from the guys, (especially) when you’re down a rotation very early in the game, and that guy is Jaye Bowden, one of the all time greats.”

“For a really young group to dig deep when we were down 8 goals to two, to kick 11 goals to two after that shows a lot of character.”

Kennedy put the turnaround down to his side’s composure and work rate, with captain Brayden Webb, ruckman Cameron Duffy and joint RACT Player of the Year Daniel Joseph all showing their leadership and experience in the second half.

“It was a very contested game,”

“From midway through that second quarter we turned the screws for two and a half quarters of footy and that’s not easy to do.

” It was super.”

The Magpies were well-served by late inclusion Brodie Rowbottom, who was lively up forward to finish with four goals, as well as Harrison Gunther, who battled hard to hold the TSL’s leading goal kicker Mitch Thorp to just two majors.

With his side now preparing to face off against competition stand outs North Launceston in next week’s Qualifying Final, Kennedy isn’t fazed by the fact the talented Bombers have had the week off, backing his players in to recover well from a tough contest.

“The guys have a lot of belief that they can run games out.”

“Today wasn’t won on talent, it was won on work rate, effort and heart.  That gives us some confidence going into next week.”

For Launceston coach Sam Lonergan, it was a game of two parts.

“I thought our first half was fantastic and the second half (in comparison) was chalk and cheese.”

“Credit to Glenorchy for their pressure around the footy and ability to run over us in the end.”

Lonergan paid tribute to the pressure and rebounding defence the Magpies produced in spades following the main break.

He also attributed the shift in momentum away from the Blues down to his charges being overawed on the big stage, despite their solid start.

“From our perspective, I thought the fear of failure (was present), which then restricted the way we wanted to move the ball and we became predictable in the way we moved it.”

Launceston will look to regroup as they prepare to host Lauderdale in next Saturday night’s cutthroat Semi Final.  The Blues and Southern Bombers will take to the field in the second match of a double-header held at UTAS Stadium at 6:30pm following the mouth-watering Semi Final between North Launceston and Glenorchy from 3:30pm.



Glenorchy          1.3,  4.5,  7.6,  13.10 (88)

Launceston       4.0,  8.5,  10.8,  10.14 (74)


Glenorchy:  B. Rowbottom 4, B. Bester 2, R. Banks-Smith 2, B. Kamaric, D. Joseph, A. Roberts, B. Webb, J. Geard

Launceston: : J. Smith 2, M. Thorp 2, J. Harper, B. Palfreyman, E. Jackson, C. Jones, H. Leedham, D. Riley


Glenorchy: D. Joseph, B. Webb, C. Duffy, B. Rowbottom, C. Daly, H. Gunther

Launceston: J. House, C. Jones, D. Riley, S. Rundle, C. Savage, T. Sheppard

Bupa TSL MRP – Finals Week 1

Bupa Tasmanian State League

Finals – Week 1

1.      Dylan Riley (Launceston) was referred for striking Harrison Gunther (Glenorchy)

The Match Review Panel determined the strike to be intentional, with low impact to the body. Player Riley has been offered a base sanction of one match, reduced to a reprimand with an early guilty plea.

Player Riley has accepted a reprimand

VIEW the incident here

2.      Clarence & Lauderdale players were referred for engaging in a melee

No further action is required

3.      Toutai Havea (Lauderdale) was referred for an incident involving Jason Bailey (Clarence)

Due to a lack of visual evidence, this matter has been referred to the Independent Tribunal, with the case to be heard at 6:00pm on Tuesday 28th August.

Wrest Point Tasmanian State League Women’s

Round 18

1.      Maddison Smith (Clarence) was referred for approaching the umpires at half time

The Match Review Panel has offered player Smith a low-level reprimand for using abusive, insulting or obscene language towards or in relation to an umpire.

Player Smith has accepted a low-level reprimand

Wrest Point TSLW Finals – Week 1 Schedule Announced


With the Wrest Point TSL Women’s home and away season drawing to a close yesterday, the schedule has been announced for the first week of the highly anticipated 2018 finals series. 

Glenorchy, who dropped just two games for the season, will host the ‘Roos at KGV Oval, with the two sides meeting for the second time in as many weeks.

Clarence are the only side to have defeated the Magpies since round one, running out 19-point winners when the two sides met in the final round of the season.

Launceston will host the Tigers in the other Semi Final, with the Blues holding a perfect record in matches against the Tigers in 2018.

The Tigers, coming off the final round bye, will be looking to cause an upset against the reigning premiers when the sides meet at Windsor Park.


Semi Final 1 Venue Time
Launceston vs. Tigers Windsor Park Sunday 2nd September 12:00pm
Semi Final 2 Venue Time
Glenorchy vs. Clarence KGV Sunday 2nd September 12:00pm


Final Home and Away Ladder: 

Team P W L D % Pts
14 12 2 0 315.93 48
14 10 4 0 399.2 40
14 10 4 0 355.12 40
14 2 12 0 12.1 8
14 1 13 0 11.55 4

BUPA TSL Finals Announced – Week 2

The schedule for the second week of the Bupa Tasmanian State League Finals Series has been released after an entertaining opening week of action, with UTAS Stadium set to host a tantalising double-header. 

Minor premier North Launceston will return from the week off to face a confident Glenorchy outfit that is fresh off a come-from-behind victory over the Blues in Saturday’s Qualifying Final. 

Glenorchy and North Launceston will meet again for a place in the Grand Final. IC: Andrew Woodgate

The Magpies remain one of only two sides to have defeated the Northern Bombers in season 2018. The winner of this contest will go through to the Grand Final, while the loser will have another chance in the following week’s Preliminary Final. 

Launceston will host Lauderdale in a do-or-die Semi Final under lights at UTAS Stadium, with the Blues coming off a 14-point loss to the Magpies and the Bombers fresh from a big 58-point win over the ‘Roos. 

Lauderdale and Launceston will lock horns in a do-or-die blockbuster. IC: Solstice Digital

These two clashes will come after Mercury Cup Semi Finals between Clarence and North Launceston and Launceston and Glenorchy. 

The schedule for the opening week of the Wrest Point TSLW Finals Series will be released shortly. 

Week 2 Finals Schedule:

Date Venue Final Start Time Home Club Away Club
Saturday 1st September UTAS Stadium Mercury Cup 1st Semi Final 10:30am Clarence North Launceston
Saturday 1st September UTAS Stadium Mercury Cup 2nd Semi Final 1:00pm Launceston Glenorchy
Saturday 1st September UTAS Stadium BUPA TSL 2nd Semi Final 3:30pm North Launceston Glenorchy
Saturday 1st September UTAS Stadium BUPA TSL 1st Semi Final 6:30pm Launceston Lauderdale