TRIBUNAL RESULTS – Bupa TSL Preliminary + Grand Finals

Bupa Tasmanian State League

Preliminary Final + Grand Final

1. Zac Webster (Glenorchy) was reported for striking Jacob Gillbee (Lauderdale) in the TSL Preliminary Final

The Match Review Panel determined the strike to be intentional, with high impact to the head. As per the national guidelines, the Match Review Panel gave strong consideration to the potential to cause injury.

This matter was referred directly to the Independent Tribunal and was heard on Wednesday 19th September at 6:00pm.

Player Webster entered a Guilty plea to the umpire’s initial report – that the contact was intentional with low impact to the body.

The officiating umpire saw that Player Webster had made a swinging motion with his arm to Player Gillbee on his way to the interchange bench, following an earlier incident between the two players.

The emergency umpire, who had a clear front-on view of the incident, stated that Player Webster’s arm made contact with Player Gillbee’s upper chest and that Player Gillbee got back to his feet straight after.

Player Gillbee commented that he took a few steps closer to Player Webster as he made his way to the interchange bench and that Player Webster had struck him in the top of the shoulder.

Player Gillbee thought that contact was of a “low-medium” impact and stated that he “put a bit on” as he went to ground before taking his free kick and remaining on the field.

Player Webster stated that he swung his arm at Player Gillbee on his way to the bench, intending to make contact to the chest and argued that the contact made was of a low impact to the shoulder.

Player Webster did not believe that he had struck Player Gillbee in the chin or jaw.

The Independent Tribunal accepted the evidence of the umpires in the instance that it was intentional with low impact to the body.

This carries a one match sanction, but is raised to two due to Player Webster’s poor record. However, Player Webster’s Guilty Plea takes this back down to one match.


VIEW the incident here

This sanction comes after Player Webster was also handed a TWO MATCH suspension from another incident in the same match, meaning Player Webster is suspended for THREE MATCHES in total.

2. Beau Sharman (North Launceston) was reported for striking Bryce Walsh (Lauderdale) in the TSL Grand Final

The Match Review Panel determined the strike to be intentional, with medium impact to the head. As per the National Guidelines, the MRP have used their discretion and applied a 25% Grand Final loading due to the intentional nature of the incident.

Player Sharman was offered a base sanction of four matches, which can be reduced to three matches with an early guilty plea.

Player Sharman rejected the offer and the matter was heard by the Independent Tribunal on Wednesday 19th September at 6:45pm.

Player Sharman entered a plea of Guilty to striking, but challenged the MRP’s findings that the incident was of a medium impact and head high.

The officiating umpire, who had a clear and unobstructed view of the incident, stated that he saw Player Sharman, as he got up from the ground after being tackled in play, strike Player Walsh with his hand in an upward motion. The officiating umpire also stated that Player Walsh went to ground and then from the field holding his face.

The emergency umpire stated that he saw that contact was made by Player Sharman on Player Walsh and saw the motion of an upwards strike as Player Sharman got up from the ground, but couldn’t be sure of where the contact was made.

Player Walsh stated that after tackling Player Sharman to the ground he went to move into his starting position for the upcoming stoppage and in the process of moving past Player Sharman, was struck by Player Sharman’s hand with an upwards movement to the chin/throat.

Player Walsh stated that his mouthguard was not firmly lodged in his mouth and that contact had made his teeth clamp together, chipping one of his teeth and that the mouthguard had cut the inside of his upper lip.

Player Walsh also stated that he left the field of play to be checked over for a brief period – as is the club’s medical protocol – before returning to the field of play shortly after. 

Player Sharman argued that as he got back to his feet Player Walsh walked towards him, and that he struck Player Walsh in the chest with his forearm to keep Player Walsh away from him.

The Independent Tribunal, considering evidence presented by all parties, found that the incident was intentional with high contact and low impact.

The base sanction for this is two weeks, which is reduced to one week by virtue of the guilty plea. 

The Tribunal, in its discretion, applied a 100% loading for the act being committed in the Grand Final, bringing the total suspension to two matches. 


VIEW the incident here

‘Plucky Pies Clinch 2018 Premiership

Glenorchy took out the 2018 Wrest Point Tasmanian State League Women’s Premiership after overcoming the ‘Roos in an enthralling, hard-fought Grand Final, writes TSL W Digital Reporter Olivia Clayton.

Glenorchy 6.1 (37) got the upper hand in the fourth quarter to defeat Clarence 5.5 (35) in the Grand Final at UTAS Stadium in a fascinating, intense contest that lived up to the status of the season’s deciding fixture.

Those in attendance were treated to a physical match from the get-go, with lots of bumps and contests and swings in momentum. Jacinta Limbrick kicked the first goal of the game for Clarence, which was followed by a goal from Glenorchy’s Mackie Sutcliffe.

Elise Barwick kicked another for the Pies after she was awarded a free kick, and Limbrick got her second for the game after she tapped in through right in front of the goal line.

The opening term was played at a frenetic intensity, with both teams easing into the occasion of playing off in the biggest match of the season.

Clarence, fresh a Semi Final victory over Glenorchy and the following week’s bye, took a two-point advantage into the first break and quickly increased this to eight when Nicole Bresnehan kicked her first less than two minutes into the second term.

Sarah Skinner and Nicole Bresnehan were standouts for their respective sides. IC: Solstice Digital

But, as happened in the opening term, Glenorchy found a response, with Sandy Eaton ensuring the Magpies trailed by two points at half time.

Glenorchy got off to a strong start in the third term, with a Hannah Smith major putting the side in front for the very first time, but Clarence star Maddy Smith, who had battled a shoulder injury in the opening half, threatened to blow the game apart with two goals and a behind in a short period of time to hand the ‘Roos a 10-point lead at three-quarter-time.

Natalie Daniels gave Glenorchy hope when she kicked a goal to put the Pies just four points behind early in the term before both sides threw everything at the contest as the clock ran down.

With  five minutes left to go, Thomasa Corrie won a big one-on-one contest on the wing, driving the ball forward to Natalie Daniels, who gave off a smart handball to Mackie Sutcliffe, who nailed the goal – handing Glenorchy the lead.

Hannah Smith kicked a behind just before the quarter’s end, with Clarence continually being denied by the Magpies across half forward, ensuring Glenorchy were crowned by 2018 premiers with a two-point win.

Glenorchy’s accuracy in front of goal (6.1) was particularly impressive in such a fiercely contested outing.

Glenorchy coach Craig Grace was full of praise for his team, and Clarence after the match.

Mackie Sutcliffe finished with the medal for best on ground. IC: Solstice Digital

“It was a great contest and a fantastic showcase of women’s football,” Grace said.

“We thought we had more of the ball than Clarence for most of the game and believed at three-quarter-time that we just needed to change a few things structurally going forward.”

The Magpies had winners across the park, with Jade Williams across half back and prime movers Sarah Skinner, Elise Barwick, Zabreena Manjerovic and Brieanna Barwick all impressing, while dangerous half forward Mackie Sutcliffe, with her two crucial goals was rewarded with best afield honours.

“Mackie was fantastic and really stood up in the big moments of the game. Given this was Mackie’s first season at state league level she has been great and I think she still has plenty of improvement in her game.”

“Jade Williams played really well through the backline and we felt she was our best player on the day,” Grace said.



Clarence Football Club                   2.2,  3.2,  5.4,  5.5  (35)

Glenorchy Football Club                 2.0,  3.0,  4.0,  6.1  (37)



Clarence Football Club : J. Limbrick 2, M. Smith 2, N. Bresnehan

Glenorchy Football Club : M. Sutcliffe 2, H. Smith, E. Barwick, N. Daniels, S. Eaton


Clarence Football Club : L. Ochayi, J. Limbrick, N. Bresnehan, M. Smith, R. Long, T. Ford

Glenorchy Football Club : J. Williams, M. Sutcliffe, Z. Manjerovic, B. Barwick, S. Skinner, E. Barwick

Northern Bombers Confirm Dynasty In Absorbing Grand Final

North Launceston has clinched its fourth Bupa Tasmanian State League premiership in five seasons – and second in as many years – to rubber-stamp its status as the competition’s greatest side in recent history. 

After easily accounting for the Bombers of Lauderdale by 98-points in the 2017 decider, North Launceston faced a far more significant challenge 12 months on, absorbing everything thrown by the Southern Bombers to record an impressive 7.21 (63) to 4.9 (33) win at UTAS Stadium.

In an low-scoring but enthralling Grand Final, both Bomber outfits attacked the contest with ferocity, with the heat and competitiveness of the opening three terms a stark contrast to much of the 2017 decider.

The Northern Bombers know what is required on the biggest day on the TSL calendar, and after absorbing immense pressure in the opening half, gained the upper hand in an arm-wrestle of a third stanza to record a 30-point triumph.

Lauderdale came out of the blocks firing, kicking the opening two goals of the day through Jacob Gillbee and Tim Mosquito, while also having the better of general play for the opening 20 minutes.

Tasmanian State League Final 2018

Tasmanian State League Final 2018North Launceston v Lauderdale at UTAS Stadium Launceston

Posted by Tasmanian State League on Friday, September 14, 2018

Darren Winter’s side looked composed and calm, despite the occasion and the drama of last season, with several match-ups looking to work in the visitors’ favour early – including Oscar Shaw on star Bomber Tom Bennett and Josh McGuinness on 2017 premiership coach Tom Couch.

A long-range major from Brad Cox-Goodyer at the 21-minute mark got the ball rolling for the minor premiers, however, with a second goal from Tom Couch five minutes later handing North Launceston the lead in the dying embers of the opening term.

This Couch goal was a hammer-blow for Lauderdale, who despite dominating much of the opening term, went into the first break one-point adrift.

North Launceston drew first blood in the second term, after a Haydn Smith down field free-kick saw Bart McCulloch kick his only goal of the day.

However, unlike many sides over the past few seasons, Lauderdale found an immediate response, with Tim Mosquito’s second showing that this Lauderdale outfit was not going to roll over easily.

IC: Solstice Digital

Lauderdale struggled to hit the scoreboard from there on out, however, struggling to make the last kick inside 50 or to convert from opportunities.

Although the low-scoring nature of the contest kept Lauderdale in the hunt for much of the game, it also prevented Darren Winter’s side from breaking the lines and hitting the scoreboard as they so often did throughout the season.

With both teams squandering chances in the opening half, goals looked to be at a premium on an afternoon baked in sunshine, but still played as a wet-weather contest after serious rainfall earlier in the morning.

Tom Bennett flipped the script early in the third quarter, however, kicking a beauty from the pocket to help the Northern Bombers gather some momentum, with the likes of Josh Ponting and Brad Cox-Goodyer working off strong opening halves to start dominating around stoppages.

Tom Bennett – Crazy Good

Tom Bennett sparked North Launceston Football Club with a beauty to start the third term!📺 FULL GAME:

Posted by Tasmanian State League on Sunday, September 16, 2018

North Launceston, kicking the only three goals of the third term, looked to have one hand on the premiership heading into the final term with a 16-point lead and having conceded just three goals for the game to that point.

This proved to be the case, with North Launceston dominating the final term with 2.9 to 1.0 underlining the eventual premiers’ dominance and taking some of the sting out of what was otherwise an absorbing and enthralling match that befitted the occasion.

Highly regarded first round draft prospect Tarryn Thomas, who set the scene in the opening term with several strong contested marks, ensured it was party time for the home fans in the final term, taking two huge pack marks and kicking a goal to put forward his own case for Baldock Medal honours.

This honour went to his skipper, Brad Cox-Goodyer, however, with the North Launceston bull claiming best afield honours for a second straight season.

Back-to-back Baldocks for BCG 🥇

North Launceston Football Club skipper Brad Cox-Goodyer is making a habit of dominating Grand Final Day, earning his second Baldock Medal in a row. 🥇

Posted by Tasmanian State League on Sunday, September 16, 2018

Cox-Goodyer was dominant from the get-go, finding plenty of the football and using it well to create drive out of the middle, stamping his name into Tasmanian football folklore after winning the 2017 medal after playing predominantly as a forward in an eight-goal effort.

“It was a cracking game. They brought all the heat and we had to change things up a little bit and control the ball going forward.

“You can never get sick of this.

“The feeling you have right now, it’s indescribable,” Cox-Goodyer said post game.

Although more focused on the team success, Cox-Goodyer conceded that back to back Baldock Medals was a special honour.

“I was happy to play my role.

“I’ve had an injury interrupted year so I set myself for this day. I knew that I wouldn’t be able to do a lot of the individual stuff during the year so I set myself for today.

“I just wanted to play my role and help my team – that’s all that matters to me.”

IC: Solstice Digital

Taylor Whitford, in his first season as coach after captaining the side to the 2017 flag, also etched his name into Tasmanian football history, following in the footsteps of Zane Littlejohn and Tom Couch to become the third North Launceston premiership coach during this era of success.

Whitford was clearly emotional after the game and was full of praise for the resilience of his team – particularly with star defenders Jay Foon (injured) and Arion Richter-Salter (suspended) watching from the sidelines.

“It means the world. It means the absolute world. This is a different group. We came through adversity. We had our best two defenders out and the young kids stepped up.

“It was very different to last year. We didn’t play that well in the opening half and were probably lucky to go in to half time a point up.

“The wind was blustery and the game was in tough conditions, but the way we worked into it was fantastic.

“It’s for everyone at the club. It’s not about individuals – it never will be, it’s about the group,” Whitford said.

IC: Solstice Digital


North Launceston                 2.4,  3.8,  5.13,  7.21  (63)

Lauderdale                              2.3,  3.7,  3.9,  4.9  (33)



North Launceston : T. Thomas 2, S. Egger, T. Couch, B. Cox-Goodyer, B. McCulloch, T. Bennett

Lauderdale : T. Mosquito 2, J. Gillbee 2


North Launceston : B. Cox-Goodyer, J. Ponting, T. Thomas, A. Lee, J. Avent, B. Sharman

Lauderdale : O. Shaw, N. Franklin, P. Bellchambers, N. Baker, H. Smith, R. McManus


Baldock Medal Voting:

13 Brad Cox-Goodyer (North Launceston)

9 Josh Ponting (North Launceston)

8 Tarryn Thomas (North Launceston)

3 Jack Avent (North Launceston)

1 Josh McGuinness (Lauderdale)

Bupa TSL MRP – Grand Final

Bupa Tasmanian State League

Grand Final

 1.      Haydn Smith (Lauderdale) was reported for rough conduct against Ben Simpson (North Launceston)

The Match Review Panel determined that a down-field free kick was the correct outcome. No further action is required.

VIEW the incident here

2.      Beau Sharman (North Launceston) was reported for striking Bryce Walsh (Lauderdale)

The Match Review Panel determined the strike to be intentional, with medium impact to the head. As per the National Guidelines, the MRP have used their discretion and applied a 25% Grand Final loading due to the intentional nature of the incident.

Player Sharman has been offered a base sanction of four matches, which can be reduced to three matches with an early guilty plea.

Player Sharman has until 9am on Tuesday 18th September to accept or reject the offer.

VIEW the incident here

3.      Taylor Whitford (North Launceston) was reported for rough conduct against Robbie McManus (Lauderdale)

The Match Review Panel determined that the action does not constitute a reportable offence. No further action is required.

VIEW the incident here

Mercury Cup Grand Final Preview

The Mercury Cup Grand Final will pit cross-town rivals Launceston and North Launceston against each other in what promises to be an intriguing fixture.


Grand Final

Launceston v North Launceston – UTAS Stadium (Saturday 15 September 9:45am)

Head to Head in 2018: Launceston – 3 | North Launceston – 0

Round 1 – North Launceston 3.6 (24) def. by Launceston 18.16 (124) at UTAS Stadium

Round 8 – Launceston 9.20 (74) def. North Launceston 4.1 (25) at Windsor Park

Round 15 – North Launceston 2.2 (14) def. by Launceston 9.13 (67) at UTAS Stadium


The Blues, with the desire to atone for last season’s Grand Final loss to Clarence, finished the home and away season undefeated and marched into the decider with a crushing 107-point defeat of Glenorchy in the Semi Final a fortnight ago.

The Northern Bombers, meanwhile, have done it the hard way, finishing the season in fourth place before handing Lauderdale a hefty defeat in the Elimination Final, narrowly defeating the ‘Roos in a sudden-death Semi Final and then rolling the Magpies to book the club’s first Mercury Cup Grand Final appearance since 2012.

Past fixtures between these two sides suggest that the Blues should be far too strong on the big stage, but the Northern Bombers have built some serious momentum with this dream finals run, making an unlikely boilover a distinct possibility.

The Blues will be itching to taste premiership success after going down in last season’s decider. IC: Solstice Digital

Launceston’s squad is blessed with genuine stars, with the likes of Anthony Liberatore, Giacomo Millucci, Jared Dakin, Blair Rubock and Casey Brown just a handful of players that would be walk-up starts in most senior TSL sides.

These hardened and skilled players will likely stretch a youthful North Launceston outfit; however the Northern Bombers have grown in leaps and bounds as the season has progressed, with seven wins and a draw from the eight games since last being defeated by the Blues.

If the Northern Bombers can clamp down on the Blues swift ball movement and attacking potency, an upset may just be on the cards, but with the depth of talent at Launceston’s disposal, the Blues may just break through to clinch the flag and atone for last season’s defeat.


Players to watch:

Anthony Liberatore (Launceston)

A genuine ball magnet who has dominated games throughout the season, Liberatore is a former Werribee VFL player and can not only rack up possessions, but to also hurt the opposition with deadly skill execution and scoreboard pressure when drifting forward, as highlighted by a season tally of 22 goals.

Kyle Lanham (North Launceston)

The fourth highest goal kicker in the Mercury Cup for season 2018 with 31 goals from 12 games, Lanham has taken his game to another level in the finals, booting bags of five, three and six against Lauderdale, Clarence and Glenorchy respectively. Looks to be entering the finals in devastating touch.

Kyle Lanham is dangerous around goals. IC: Andrew Woodgate

Giacomo Millucci (Launceston)

An excitement machine forward of centre, Millucci has kicked 42 goals from 15 games in the Mercury Cup, on top of seven goals from four games in the TSL. Capable of pulling off the miraculous, Millucci will be a difficult player to shut down.

Jackson Callow (North Launceston)

After a terrific under-16 National Championships campaign that saw him earn All-Australian honours in July, young gun Jackson Callow is at the forefront of the next wave of exciting Tasmanian talent. Callow has kicked 19 goals from the seven Mercury Cup matches he has played this season and looks ready to play a key role on the biggest stage of all.

Giacomo Millucci is a player to watch. IC: Scott Gelston – Examiner



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Wrest Point TSLW Grand Final Preview

The rich rivalry shared between the Clarence and Glenorchy football clubs has long been recognised as one of the best in Tasmanian men’s football, and with both club’s women’s teams becoming powerhouses within the TSLW, this season’s Grand Final shapes as a big moment in the history of the two clubs, writes Olivia Clayton. 


Grand Final

Clarence v Glenorchy – UTAS Stadium (Saturday 15 September 12:30pm)

Head to Head in 2018: Clarence – 2 | Glenorchy – 3

Round 3 – Clarence 3.7 (25) def. by Glenorchy 6.9 (45) at Blundstone Arena

Round 8 – Glenorchy 4.2 (26) def. Clarence 2.5 (17) at KGV Oval

Round 13 – Clarence 2.5 (17) def. by Glenorchy 4.6 (30) at Geilston Bay

Round 18 – Glenorchy 3.7 (25) def. by Clarence 6.8 (44) at KGV Oval

Semi Final – Glenorchy 1.5 (11) def. by Clarence 3.12 (30) at KGV Oval


2018 Wrest Point TSLW Grand Finalists Clarence and Glenorchy enter the biggest match of the year after a series of hard fought contests throughout the season, with Glenorchy’s early season advantage over the ‘Roos marred by two recent defeats heading into the business end of the season.

The ‘Roos and ‘Pies first faced off in round three at Blundstone Arena, with the visitors drawing first blood with a 6.9 (45) to 3.7 (25) victory.

Thomasa Corrie was immense across half back for the Magpies in the win, controlling the back half for the victors, while skipper Nietta Lynch proved to be a match-winner with three goals in a low-scoring contest.

The Magpies made it two from two against the ‘Roos in round eight, this time winning 4.2 (26) to 2.5 (17) at a very wet and windy KGV Oval.

Both sides were kept goalless in the first term, with the hosts just having the better of the ‘Roos across the next three quarters, kicking four goals to two and hold on to record a grinding nine-point win in Thomasa Corrie’s 50th game.

The Magpies did it again against the ‘Roos in round 13, this time running out 13-point winners at Geilston Bay in another hard-fought, low-scoring affair.

Glenorchy, getting the better of the contested, physical match, controlled the stoppages in one of the more absorbing contests seen this season, typical of the rich rivalry that has been developed over the years between these sides.

Clarence finally tasted success against the Magpies this season when the sides met in round 18, defeating the minor premiers by 19 points in the final home and away match of the season.

Both teams battled strong winds and rain on the day, with the Roos gaining the upper hand in a physical contest that would prove to be strong preparation for the heat and intensity of finals football.

IC: Solstice Digital

The ‘Roos took confidence out of this performance and dished out a similar effort immediately the following week, defeating Glenorchy 3.12 (30) to 1.5 (11) in the Semi Final at KGV.

It was a typically physical opening half, with just the two goals kicked seeing Clarence take a three-point buffer into the main break.

Grace Mitchell extended this lead late in the third term with a clutch major to steady the ship for the ‘Roos, before a Natalie Pearce goal in the final term and another stellar defensive effort kept the Magpies out of the contest in the final term.

Both squads are rich in talent, as evidenced by Clarence spearhead Maddy Smith becoming the first Tasmanian open age signee for the North Melbourne Tasmania Kangaroos in the AFLW and Glenorchy trio Gemma Allan, Sandy Eaton and Nietta Lynch all reaching the 100-game milestone during the season.

The official TSLW Team of the Year reinforces this notion, with the team containing four Clarence stars and seven from Glenorchy, with Nietta Lynch named captain and Craig Grace named coach.

This final encounter booked Clarence a direct ticket to the Grand Final and the all-important week off, while Glenorchy, after finishing the season as minor premiers, were then forced to take on Launceston in last weekend’s Preliminary Final for a spot in the decider,

IC: Solstice Digital

The Magpies were strong in that Preliminary Final, marking skipper Nietta Lynch’s 100th game in style with a resilient win after being challenged early in the final, eventually running out 6.10 (46) to 2.7 (25) winners.

Both teams house solid squads, and with such close encounters throughout the season, the Grand Final is anyone’s game.

Both sides have typically brought immense heat to the contest in opening quarters against each other, and if either side is able to get off to a fast start, it could go a long way to winning the match and securing the biggest prize.

The wide expanses of UTAS Stadium may favour the younger ‘Roos, particularly being fresh off the weekend off, but don’t be surprised if Glenorchy’s experience comes to the fore and the Magpies take the prize.


Players to watch:

Maddy Smith (Clarence)

A genuine star of the competition, Smith’s talents have seen her listed with North Melbourne for the upcoming AFLW season. Dangerous near goal or further afield, Glenorchy will be very busy trying to curtail Smith’s influence.

Nietta Lynch (Glenorchy)

The competition’s leading goalkicker has been a dominant force for years now. An inspiring leader of this team, expect Lynch to be at the forefront on the big stage.



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Commentary also available via City Park Radio

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Bupa TSL Grand Final Preview

Twelve months on from the first all-Bomber Tasmanian State League Grand Final, we have another battle between the two clubs in red and black.


Grand Final

North Launceston v Lauderdale – UTAS Stadium (Saturday 15th September 5:00pm)

Head to Head in 2018: North Launceston – 3 | Lauderdale – 0

Round 7 – North Launceston 19.19 (133) def. Lauderdale 5.9 (39) at UTAS Stadium

Round 14 – North Launceston 12.16 (88) def. Lauderdale 9.8 (62) at UTAS Stadium

Round 21 – Lauderdale 11.13 (79) def. by North Launceston 17.12 (114) at Lauderdale Oval


Although the markings of last season’s Grand Final result are still there, this season’s decider promises to be a vastly different affair, with both teams possessing new names and exciting form.

North Launceston, having lost just two matches since, enter the match as rightful favourites, and in its fifth straight Grand Final, know what it takes to claim Tasmanian football’s ultimate prize.

From Bart McCulloch and Tom Bennett inside 50 to Tarryn Thomas, Taylor Whitford and Josh Ponting, this is a side full of bona fide superstars capable of tearing a game apart, and with the runs on the board to suggest that they can do it again on the big stage.

Far and away the slickest side in the competition, North Launceston’s ball movement in the Semi Final a fortnight ago was at times jaw-dropping, and will no doubt be a key area of focus for Lauderdale entering this match.

Lauderdale, on the other hand, is set to embark on the club’s second Grand Final appearance, and while last season’s decider was new territory for the coastal club on Hobart’s Eastern Shore, this season’s biggest day may be a different beast.

IC: Solstice Digital

Lauderdale’s side has a completely different look in 2018, with the likes of Tim Mosquito, Henry Kerinaiua and Jacob Gillbee giving this side added potency inside forward 50. Add to this the development of Nic Baker as a key midfield cog and the strong form of stalwarts Thor Boscott, Josh McGuinness, Nat Franklin and Phil Bellchambers, and you have a side with the ability to win on any given day.

Injury clouds hover over key utilities Ben McGuinness and Ryan Wiggins heading into the decider, but if these two can play, Lauderdale will become an even greater force.

Lauderdale, at its best, is one of the most exciting teams to watch in the TSL, and after taking some key lessons out of last season’s big Grand Final loss, will be hardened and battle-ready for the biggest match of the year.

A loss to North Launceston in the final round of the season will give Lauderdale some confidence, having jumped the reigning premiers in the second and third terms to almost pull off a big upset.

If everything clicks, the southern Bombers can give North Launceston a scare, just as they did in the final round of the season, but Taylor Whitford’s side is deserving of the favourites tag and will be as tough to beat as ever at home.


The stars:

Brad Cox-Goodyer (North Launceston): The North Launceston skipper has had an injury-interrupted 2018 campaign, but it hasn’t stopped the 2017 Alastair Lynch and Darrel Baldock Medallist from having another dominant season. Kicked 36 goals and named captain of the Team of the Year.

Thor Boscott (Lauderdale): Lauderdale has looked a far more dangerous side since the return of X-Factor Boscott in round 15. Boscott has been dynamic as a midfield/forward rotation and after kicking four in the Preliminary Final, looks to be entering the Grand Final in sparkling touch. A competitor with no fear, Boscott is built for finals football.


The young guns:

Tarryn Thomas (North Launceston): The exciting draft prospect has returned to North Launceston with a bang in recent times, becoming a key contributor across the ground. Capable of playing in defence, as a forward or through the midfield, Thomas will be looking for a big contest in what could be his final game for the club before getting drafted.

Tarryn Thomas looks set to provide some serious excitement. IC: Andrew Woodgate

Nic Baker (Lauderdale): The former Hobart City Demon has continued his strong development this season, playing a key role for the Tassie Mariners and the Allies. A versatile player, Baker has become a key figure in Lauderdale’s engine room.


Key Match-Ups:

Alex Lee v Haydn Smith

Two ruckmen who could consider themselves unlucky to have been overlooked for Team of the Year selection, Lee and Smith have been strong performer across the duration of the year. Both strong bodies with rich midfield talent at their feet, this contest will be crucial, particularly around the ground.

Mark Walsh v Bryce Walsh

The two midfield bulls will be primed for Grand Final day, with Mark Walsh looking to cap off another consistent season, and Bryce Walsh aiming to finish off a remarkable comeback from injury as a premiership captain. Two of the competition’s most combative warriors, the prospect of the Walsh’s going head to head is a fascinating one.

Jordan Cousens v Rhys Sutton

Cousens and Sutton have emerged as two of the competition’s most damaging wingmen in 2018, despite not getting the plaudits they perhaps deserve. Both players are blessed with great speed and agility, with work rates to match. The player that finds more of the football on the wide expanses could be a key figure in the result.

Rhys Sutton is a crucial cog in this Lauderdale outfit. IC: Solstice Digital

Tom Bennett v Josh McGuinness

Two A-Grade stars of the competition will have key roles to play this weekend, with Bennett’s vice-like marking and smart goal sense set to play as big a role for his side as Josh McGuinness’ ability to intercept and drive the ball out of the back half. If Bennett kicks a bag, the Northern Bombers will win, but McGuinness can bring his own football to UTAS Stadium, it might be a very different result.


Tip: North Launceston’s stars to shine again on the big stage. Lauderdale to be competitive but the Northern Bombers to win by 24 points.



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Umpires Appointed For Bupa TSL Grand Final

An experienced trio with over 450 senior games and 50 finals will take control of the 2018 BUPA TSL Grand Final between North Launceston and Lauderdale to be played at UTAS Stadium this Saturday, September 15.

Matt Clarke, Nick Butler and Joel Harris were selected as the field umpires with Sam Bridges named as the emergency.

Butler will be umpiring his first grand final, while Clarke will be umpiring his sixth grand final and Harris his fourth.

Clarke, who was last week named as TSL Field Umpire of the Year, also becomes the first field umpire to have officiated in more than five TSL Grand Finals.

Matt Clarke, the TSL Umpire of the year, will officiate the 2018 Grand Final. IC: Andrew Woodgate

“Matt, Nick and Joel have all had very strong seasons and fully deserve their selection” said State Umpire Coach, Cameron Lee.

“Matt has been an outstanding umpire for a long time now. He has an incredible feel for the game and his decision making and bouncing is terrific. He will have the honour of taking the first bounce”.

“Nick comes in this year with over 150 games and nine finals of experience. He has really worked hard and his strong decision making and communication skills has been his big strength all season”.

“Joel has been there on the big stage many times before, he is a very good athlete and has the great match management skills to really stand up when it counts”.

Harris conceded that the appointment was a pleasing reward after a lengthy season.

“It is great reward,” he said.

“Our training period starts in November so we have trained really hard through the off-season into the footy and then until the end of the season.

“We have put in some good performances and they have been rewarded with a TSL Grand Final, so we are pretty rapt to be there,” Harris said.

Butler, set for his first TSL Grand Final, was also relieved to get the call-up after being on the verge of selection in recent years.

“This will be my first (Grand Final).

“It is nice to get reward for all the effort we have put in not just this year, but over the last three or four years – working together as a nice, tight group with lots of young players and being able to mentor them has been terrific.

“I have been close the last few years so it is nice to reach the goal I have set myself for for so long,” Butler said.

Butler and Harris are looking forward to taking to the field and know that they have what it takes to perform well on the biggest stage.

“Each umpire has their own individual strengths,” Butler said.

Nick has a striong decision-making proicess and his decision-making accuracy is terrific. Matt Clarke has a fantastic decision-making process as well and is highly skilled. My strength would be match management, skills and cision making.

“I’m not as much of an athlete as Joel, but the one-percenters have let me down in the past, so to tidy those up and have everything come together at the right end of the season is really rewarding.

Joel Harris (second from right) and Nick Butler (right) will both be officiating the 2018 Bupa TSL Grand Final. IC: Solstice Digital

Boundary Umpires Rhys Goodyer and Lucas Chamberlain will be officiating in their third straight grand final while Ollie Bennett and Lochlan Bromfield will be on debut.

“We have a good blend of experience and youth on the boundary this year. Our focus has been on developing that young list. Having Rhys appointed to the curtain-raiser to the AFL Grand Final this year caps off a very good season developmentally, and I hope that in the next few seasons we will see him earn an AFL spot,” Lee said.

Boundary umpire Ollie Bennett will make his Grand Final debut. IC: Andrew Woodgate

Goal Umpire Bryce Guy will make his grand final debut after having umpired strongly for a number of seasons, both here and in AFLW. Brayden White returns after some time away for his second grand final, while Jayden Carey has been named as the emergency.

“Bryce and Brayden are two goal umpires who I think have big careers ahead of them and are already displaying some of the capabilities to umpire AFL”.

“Umpiring a TSL Grand Final is what every umpire strives for. Most of our top guys have been training six days per week since November.

“We need to be fitter than the players because unfortunately we don’t have the luxury of going to the bench and doing rotations.

“We ask a lot from them with group training, video analysis, self assessment and law reviews. The fact that our best goal umpire runs 6 mins 35 secs for 2km really highlights to me how hard and professionally we are working,” Lee said.

Please see below the career statistics of each grand final umpire. 



Matt Clarke

Games: 144

Finals: 22

Grand Finals: 5 (2009, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2017)

Nick Butler

Games: 151

Finals: 9

Grand Finals:

Joel Harris

Games: 174

Finals: 22

Grand Finals: 3 (2013, 2014, 2016)


Sam Bridges

Games: 26

Finals: 2

Grand Finals: –



Rhys Goodyer

Games: 78

Finals: 10

Grand Finals: 2 (2016, 2017)

Lucas Chamberlain

Games: 66

Finals: 8

Grand Finals: 2 (2016, 2017)

Ollie Bennett

Games: 18

Finals: 2

Grand Finals: –

Lochlan Bromfield

Games: 43

Finals: 5

Grand Finals: –


Bryce Guy

Games: 90

Finals: 7

Grand Finals: –

Brayden White

Games: 113

Games: 14

Grand Finals: 1 (2012)


Jayden Carey

Games: 128

Finals: 10

Grand Finals: –


Field: Damon Marsh, Adrian Cornish, Jake McKercher (Nick Flack EM)

Boundary: Hayden Cannon, Jessica Gaffney, Ryan Graham-Daft

Goal: Michael White, Will Flack (Sam Roberts EM)



Field: Tom McIntee, Ryan Guy, Cameron Doyle (James Dietrich EM)

Boundary: Brodie Laing, Shelby Stubbs, Jacob Bevis, Jack Marsh

Goal: Jayden Carey, Kayden Wynwood (Bradley Chamberlain EM)

BUPA TSL TEAMS – Grand Final


The teams are in for the biggest day of them all, Bupa Tasmanian State League Grand Final Day. 

Lauderdale has made three huge changes for the big dance, bringing in tall timber Ben McGuinness and Ryan Wiggins from injury and speedy utility Corey Laoumtzis.

McGuinness and Wiggins will provide great versatility for Darren Winter’s side with their abilities to play in defence and attack, while Laoumtzis, who had been battling an injured ankle, also slots straight back into the side after a consistent 2018 campaign.

There is always heartbreak come selection for Grand Finals, however, and the Southern Bombers have been forced to make some tough decisions with Matt McGuinness, Ray Hill and Josh Williams all making way.

The omission of the youngest McGuinness brother is a big blow, with the talented utility playing some strong football in recent weeks after breaking back into the team.

North Launceston has made just the one change – albeit a massive one – with Tom Couch coming into the side.

Couch was named for the Northern Bombers’ Semi Final against Glenorchy a fortnight ago, but couldn’t take to the field after pulling up sore earlier in the week.

Couch, who hasn’t played a game since round 12, has played five matches since steering North Launceston to the 2017 Premiership as coach.

Young talent Fletcher Bennett is the unlucky player making way after playing 13 matches throughout the season.

Interestingly, Jay Foon, who suffered a serious neck injury in round 17, had been touted for a return and has been named as an emergency, meaning he is still a big chance to return.

Both Clarence and Glenorchy go into the Wrest Point TSLW decider unchanged in a huge boost to both squads.




Grand Final – 15/09/2018

3:00PM – UTAS Stadium

North Launceston

B: T. Donnelly, C. Young, R. Mansell

HB: J. Avent, Z. Burt, T. Thomas

C: J.  Cousens, J.  Ponting, T.  Whitford

HF: J. Pearce, T. Bennett, B. Sharman

F: T. Couch, B. McCulloch, S. Egger

R: A. Lee, B. Cox-Goodyer, M. Walsh

Int: D. Bannister, B. Simpson, M. Tang, K. Wadley

Emg: F. Bennett, J. Foon, J. Mazengarb, L. Young

In: T. Couch

Out: F. Bennett


B: M. Anderton, A. Hill, O. Shaw

HB: J. McGuinness, R. Wiggins, R. McManus

C: A.  Hevey, T.  Boscott, R.  Sutton

HF: N. Baker, J. Gillbee, T. Mosquito

F: H. Kerinaiua, T. Havea, B. Walsh

R: H. Smith, N. Franklin, P. Bellchambers

Int: C. Laoumtzis, B. McGuinness, N. Raglione, E. Stanley

Emg: J. DiIenno, R. Hill, M. McGuinness, J. Williams

In: C. Laoumtzis, R. Wiggins, B. McGuinness

Out: R. Hill, M. McGuinness, J. Williams



Grand Final – 15/09/2018

12:30PM – UTAS Stadium


B: R. Long, K. Johnson

HB: R. Archer, D. Elliston, G. Pennicott

C: T.  Ford, N.  Bresnehan, J.  Minifie

HF: J. Limbrick, S. Pennicott, M. Smith

F: B. Goward, L. Ochayi

R: C. Wells, N. Heggie, H. Scott

Int: S. Hinks, G. Mitchell, N. Pearce, B. Scott

Emg: T. Bortignon, J. Farrow


B: J. Williams, R. Siely

HB: T. Corrie, H. Smith, N. Daniels

C: Z.  Manjerovic, S.  Skinner, G.  Terry

HF: G. Allan, N. Lynch, M. Sutcliffe

F: J. Tate Turvey, S. Eaton

R: G. Sullivan, B. Barwick, E. Barwick

Int: S. Davis, M. Jacobs , H. Ryan, K. Stanford



Grand Final – 15/09/2018

9:45AM – UTAS Stadium


To be selected from:
J. Tuthill, J. Nunn, C. Curtis, C. Downie, M. Blazely, L. Gee, J. Edmunds, M. Dikkenberg, H. Griffiths, J. Bott, J. O’Donnell
J. Boyd, T. Miller, J. Chaplin, S. Bruinewoud, C. Brown, J. Dakin, G. Holt, A. Wright, Z. Oldenhof, J. Donnellan, B. Neil, A. Liberatore, E. Conway, M. Spohn, G. Millucci, A. Dickenson, B. Rubock, J. Gillow​

North Launceston

To be selected from:
X. Todman, R. Whitney, O. Sanders, M. Cossins, A. Potter, J. Callow, J. Kerr, C. Praciak, T. Foon, C. Stuart, C. Haines, A. Jefferies, C. Lowe, L. Jones, J. Harris, B. Ronken, D. Baker, F. Bennett, N. Jackson, K. Lanham, C. Harrison, C. Pearton, L. Young, J. Mazengarb, J. Curran, M. Donnelly, J. Lanham, K. Curtis

Wrest Point TSLW Preliminary Final Wrap

The Wrest Point Tasmanian State League Women’s Preliminary Final saw Glenorchy book a ticket to the Grand Final after beating out reigning premiers, Launceston, in a thrilling match at Blundstone Arena, writes TSL W Digital Reporter Olivia Clayton.


Saturday 8th September

Glenorchy v. Launceston (Blundstone Arena) – 12:00pm

Glenorchy 6.10 (46) defeated Launceston 3.7 (25) in the Preliminary Final at Blundstone Arena.

In a replay of last season’s Grand Final, fans were treated to a cracking game of football, with two of the competition’s top sides putting it all on the line for a shot at premiership glory against Clarence.

The opening term saw Sandy Eaton kick the first goal of the game for the Pies, and the Blues kick just two behinds.

The Magpies looked to take this positive start into the second term, as highlighted by an Elise Barwick attempted specky and another Jasmine Tate-Turvey major.

Launceston, staring down the barrel of an exit from the finals, faced a 17-point deficit leading into the third term but narrowed the margin to 10 by the final change thanks to goals from Dearne Taylor and Emma Manix-Geeves, although Sarah Skinner also managed to hit the scoreboard for the ‘Pies, kicking her side’s only goal for the term.

The game, set for a grandstand finish, became even closer early in the final term, when a Camilla Taylor goal put the Blues just four points behind and with the momentum to potentially storm home.

The Magpies, however, stood firm under pressure, and quickly swooped to kick three goals through captain Nietta Lynch (in her 100th game), Mackie Sutcliffe and Meg Jacobs, who kicked the final goal of the game to secure a 21-point win.

Glenorchy coach, Craig Grace was pleased with how his side performed.

“The game was played in perfect conditions and we rediscovered some of our best footy which was pleasing.

“It’s great to be back after making it last year and it’s something the team set as a goal at the start of the year.

“Grand final week is always an enjoyable experience so we look to enjoy and then focus on performing at our best come Saturday,” Grace said.

The ‘Pies best players were Brieanna Barwick, Elise Barwick, Gemma Allan, Jade Williams, Zabreena Manjerovic and Nietta Lynch.

“Elise and Brie Barwick provided us first use of the ball around the stoppages and played really well. Jade Williams was rock solid in defence.”

IC: Solstice Digital

Launceston coach, Alex Gibbins, was full of praise for the Magpies’ performance.

“I thought the game was controlled by Glenorchy bar a 20-minute period in the second half. We were unable to get our running game going by some excellent pressure from Glenorchy and it was the best I have seen Glenorchy with ball use, also.”

“We were very lucky to be close enough at half time as we didn’t fire a shot; however our girls fought hard and really lifted their tempo in the second half and played the game out and got close to hitting the front early in the last quarter,” Gibbins said.

The Blues’ best players were Nicole Ristrom, Meg Sinclair, Hayley Whyte, Chevy Thuringer, Ashlee Carey and Camilla Taylor.

“Our defensive group were our best players on the day and kept us in with a chance to win which was lead by Nicky Ristrom who did an excellent job on Nietta Lynch.”

Glenorchy will now challenge Clarence at UTAS Stadium this Saturday for the 2018 Wrest Point TSLW premiership.


Glenorchy Football Club               1.2      2.7      3.9    6.10 (46)

Launceston Football Club            0.2      0.2      2.5     3.7 (25)



Glenorchy Football Club: S. Skinner, S. Eaton, N. Lynch, J. Tate Turvey, M. Sutcliffe, M. Jacobs

Launceston Football Club: C. Taylor, D. Taylor, E. Manix-geeves


Glenorchy Football Club: B. Barwick, E. Barwick, G. Allan, J. Williams, Z. Manjerovic, N. Lynch

Launceston Football Club: N. Ristrom, M. Sinclair, H. Whyte, C. Thuringer, A. Carey, C. Taylor