Devonport off the Mark

Devonport has snapped their winless drought, claiming their first victory for season 2017, claiming coastal bragging rights with a 34 point win oval Burnie, at Devonport Oval.

The Magpies leaders lead from the front with Beau Sharman, Dylan Riley and Mitch Thorp all among the best in the much-needed victory.

A bold and daring Devonport emerged to start the match, taking a comfortable lead into the first change of the Coastal Derby at Devonport Oval. The Pies demonstrated great control, with some brilliant transition from defence, opting to use the centre corridor whenever they could.

Dylan Riley, playing out of the goal-square, gave their forward 50 a different look, kicking two first quarter goals, while Quade Byard (two goals) and Beau Sharman were also prolific early as the Magpies stormed away to a 24 point lead. The Walters boys, Nick and Harry, were  prominent for the visitors early, with some fantastic clearance work but the Dockers failed to make them count.
Burnie struck back in the second stanza but were unable to draw closer. The Dockers controlled the ball better than they did in the first, and forced Devonport to make their attacking moves via the wings rather than the centre corridor. But after an arm-wrestle in general play for the first 11 minutes of the quarter, the Pies took control again. Mitch Thorp, Brayden Butler, Ethan Stephenson and Mitchell Perry kicked majors that term for the home side, with Nick McKenna and Darcy Crane doing likewise for the Dockers, seeing the score Devonport 10.5 (65) lead Burnie 4.3 (27) at the completion of the half.

Burnie breathed life back into the Coastal Derby to be within striking distance of the Magpies at the final change. After the open nature of the first half, the game has closed right up, with attacking moves again being forced to be made via the wings and plenty contests around the ground. Burnie controlled the majority of the term, but failed to really count on the scoreboard, with it feeling much closer than a 28-point margin. Clint Proctor, Darcey Brazendale and Rudy Barrett kicked Burnie’s goals in the third with Devonport’s only major coming to Mitch Thorp via a free-kick.

The first quarter proved vital in the end for the Pies, who walked away with a 34-point win from the second Coastal Derby for the season. The Dockers kept on fighting, cutting the margin to 22 points with plenty of time left, but goals to Harry Barker and Dylan Riley ensured the Pies would get their first win. Burnie were much better after the first change, only being outscored by 10 points in that period, as they slowed the game down and turned it into a real contest.

“Reward for effort, not just today but the last month has been really solid. The last month we have learnt how to be in games and we knew we were on the right track.
“It is a brick in the wall of a bright future for this group…we had ten players play today that are 17 or 16.
“I think this group is undervalued for how much work they put in. They are good honest young men that train three times a week and get paid very little to travel the state. That is why I was a little bit emotional.”