2014 Season

The 2014 season saw the introduction of 3 new teams, with the additions of the Western Storm, Tigers (Kingborough) and the Hobart City Demons with the Hobart Tigers, North Hobart and South Launceston departing the TSL.

2014 proved to be the closest Top 5 finish in the TSL’s short history, including the very first ever draw in the TSL.

After finishing 8th in 2013, North Launceston took home their very first TSL Premiership, running over the top of the Western Storm by 59 points. A week earlier in the Preliminary Final, in what was surely one of the best games of the season, the Storm defeated Clarence by 2 points at Blundstone Arena, even with Trent Standen kicking 9 goals.

The RACT Insurance Cup was renamed the Development League in 2014, but that didn’t change the Grand Final sides, as a replay of the 2013 Grand Final saw Lauderdale this time reverse the result, defeating Clarence by 18 points.

2014 TSL Ladder

2Western Storm1813500018311277143.3852
3North Launceston1813500016891209139.7052
7Hobart City187110001496165090.6728

2014 TSL Grand Final

North Launceston    4.2     9.5      12.9     18.13      (121)
Western Storm          1.1       4.1       7.2        10.2        (62)

North Launceston: A. O’Sign 3, B.Cox-Goodyer 3, M.VanDenBerg 3, C.Tarrant 3, Z.Burt 2, J.Ponting, W.McBride, L.Young, E.Petterwood
Western Storm: Z.Brown 4, T.Bardenhagen 2, A.Russell 2, J.Blackberry, C.Drake

North Launceston: D.Roozendaal, A.Cox-Goodyer, R.Worn, E.Petterwood, M.VanDenBerg, T.Whitford
Western Storm: Z.Brown, T.Bardenhagen, C.Drake, W.Hanson, A.Russell, M.Hanson

Darrel Baldock Medal – TSL Grand Final Best on Ground
Daniel Roozendaal – North Launceston

Cazaly Medal – TSL Premiership Coach
Zane Littlejohn – North Launceston

north launceston

2014 TSL Grand Final Umpires
Field: M.Clarke, J.Harris, B.Lehner
Emergency Field: S.Cure
Boundary: J.Enniss, L.Marsden, A.Reardon, D.Picone
Goal: M.White C.Geeves
Emergency Goal: B.Chamberlain

TSL Award Winners

2014 Alastair Lynch Medalist – TSL Best & Fairest
Daniel Roozendaal – North Launceston

Alastair Lynch Medal – Top 5 Vote Getters

1.Daniel RoozendaalNorth Launceston24
=2.Matt HansonWestern Storm22
=2.Jaye BowdenGlenorchy22
=4.Jason LaycockBurnie17
=4.Brayden WebbGlenorchy17

Hudson Medalist – TSL Leading Goalkicker
Aaron Cornelius – Glenorchy

2014 TSL Top 5 Goalkickers

1.Aaron CorneliusGlenorchy67
2.James CharlesworthClarence62
3.Trent StandenClarence57
4.Bart McCullochWestern Storm52
5.Bradley Cox-GoodyerNorth Launceston46

Matthew Richardson Medalist – TSL Rookie of the Year
Ben Halton – Lauderdale

RACT Insurance Player of the Year Award
Jaye Bowden – Glenorchy

RACT Insurance Player of the Year – Top 5 Vote Getters

1.Jaye BowdenGlenorchy20
2.Bryce WalshLauderdale19
3.Matt HansonWestern Storm17
=4.Bradley Cox-GoodyerNorth Launceston16
=4.Jake CoxClarence16

2014 Tasmanian State League – Team of the Year

2014 TOTY

2014 TSL Development League Ladder

3North Launceston1814400014921034144.2956
7Hobart City187110001165140383.0428
9Western Storm18216000787190341.368

2014 TSL Development League Grand Final

Lauderdale          4.2       6.4      8.10      11.14       (80)
Clarence               1.0        5.3       6.4         9.8          (62)

Lauderdale: R.Wiggins 5, D.Smith 2, J.Halton, S.Long, N.Grubb, E.Whish-Wilson
Clarence: E.Stanley 4, C.Leek 2, O.Rand, M.Blackburn, M.Bond

Lauderdale: R.Wiggins, S.MacKay, S.Preshaw, B.McGuinness, Z.Waller, I.Franks
Clarence: J.Gleeson, B.Shaw, N.Douglas, M.Bond, A.Dickenson, E.Stanley

TSL Development League –  Grand Final Best on Ground Medal
Ryan Wiggins – Lauderdale

TSL Development League – Premiership Coach Medal
Jason Elmer – Lauderdale


2014 Development League Grand Final Umpires
Field: N.Saltmarsh, Z.Patmore, N.Butler
Emergency Field: A.Cornish
Boundary: T.Fenton, J.Upton, T.Derbyshire, A.Robinson
Goal: B.Chamberlain, B.Guy
Emergency Goal: D.Geeves

TSL Development League Award Winners

Eade Medalist – TSL Development League Best & Fairest
Mitchell Swan – Clarence

TSL Development League – Leading Goalkicker
Ben Elmer – North Launceston (60 goals)

Umpire Awards

Umpire of the Year
Joel Harris – TFUA (Tasmanian Football Umpires Association)

Boundary: Joshua Enniss (NWUA)
Goal: Michael White (TFUA)

Most Improved Award
Field: Mathew Roles (NWUA)
Boundary: Jordan Parkinson (TFUA)
Goal: Bradley Chamberlain (TFUA)

Most Promising Award
Field: Michael Wilcox (NWUA)
Boundary: Rhys Goodyer (NWUA)
Goal: Kayden Wynwood (NWUA)

AFL Supplementary Umpire List
Joel Harris (TFUA)
Ben Lehner (TFUA)

National Under 18 Championship Umpires
Field: Matt Clarke (NWUA) & Nick Saltmarsh (NWUA)
Boundary: Joshua Enniss (NWUA)
Goal: Brayden White (TFUA)

National Under 16 Championship Umpires
Field: Will Hamilton (NTFUA) & Mathew Williams (TFUA)
Boundary: Tyler Fenton (TFUA) & Trevor Derbyshire (TFUA)
Goal: Dylan Geeves (TFUA)

Other Award Winners and Results

Gary Davidson Medalist – Under 18 Best & Fairest
Tim Jones – Western Storm

Don Rule Medalist – Under 16 Best & Fairest
Nat Franklin – Lauderdale

Volunteer of the Year
Tasma Lapham – North Launceston Football Club

Foxtel Cup

Round 1 – 29th April 2014 @ Adelaide Oval

Western Storm     4.2     7.4     9.6     9.7     (61)
West Adelaide        2.1     4.4     7.4     8.9     (57)

Western Storm: Collis 2, McCulloch 2, Brown, Thomas, McGee, Russell, Barker.
West Adelaide: Hopton 2, Watchman 2, Dijksman, Schott, De Zylva.

Western Storm: Hanson, Hills, Blackberry, Reinmuth, McCulloch.
West Adelaide: De Zylva, Jennings, Dijksman, Nelson.

Semi-Final – 24th June 2014 @ Patersons Stadium

West Perth          3.3      7.5     11.6     15.7     (97)
Western Storm      0.2     0.3     1.5       3.5      (23)

West Perth: Martin 3, McPhee 3, Johnson 2, Manzone, Bartholomew, Antonio, Crisp, Shannon, Guadagnin, Marusic
Western Storm: Russell, W.Hanson, Barker

West Perth: Lynch, Thrum, Meadows, Martin, Antonio, Marusic
Western Storm: Blackberry, M.Hanson, B. Thorp, Bardenhagen, R

2014 State Representative Game

TSL              6.1     9.3     14.9     18.12     (120)
NEAFL              2.5      6.6      7.9      11.13     (79)

TSL: J.Charlesworth 4, B.McCulloch 3, J.Laycock 2, A.Cornelius 2, H.Walters, M.Hanson, E.Taylor, D.Banham, T.Standen, T.Bardenhagen, M.VanDenBerg
NEAFL: C.Dunne 3, C.Hughes 3, P.Carse 2, J.Stanley 2, E.Sansbury

TSL: J.Laycock, B.McCulloch, J.Bowden, H.Walters, M.Hanson, J.Charlesworth
NEAFL: P.Carse, A.Williams, C.Ilett, C.Hughes, W.Mills, K.Klemke

Lefroy Medal – State Game Best on Ground
Jason Laycock – Tasmania (Burnie)